I am learning about document titles, which are very special important bits of paper, but I clearly and obviously don’t know anything about them nor will I ever understand them, as a boy just asked for some examples and our tutor was like: “No! You will not understand it is very complex blah blah blah.”

Clearly these pieces of paper as not that important, otherwise she’d want us to know about them… Unless they’re so important they’re too important for our ears! WHOA! Can you imagine that? How important! Wonder what’s on them, ASIO’s secret password? How to get to Diagon Alley? (Because it’s not through Collins…) Edward Cullen’s address? (My god, please let it be.) It better be, considering how important she’s making them sound.

I’m a little bored, as you can imagine. I don’t get this case but I won’t ask. I’ll look it up online later, or ask dad, who knows… Someone who makes more sense than the small, fast-talking lady up the front of the class. TOO FAST! She talks like me, and we all know I can’t be a lecturer becaue I talk as fast as a werewolf runs.

I am now a blogger. I shall be famous! Like the TwilightGuy or something!