I’m sitting here, in Criminal Law II, and we’re discussing the new Homicide Laws in this sleepy little death toll town (aka Perth, thank you Panda Band for that song). I must say, the repealing of Infanticide upset me, mainly because it’s a section I never got to charge my imaginary clients with.

See, we get “scenarios” that the law dept at uni make up and we have to decide what we charge the imaginary people in the scenarios with, which is a favourite past time of mine: charging these made up characters with various, heinous crimes – without caring what their defences may or may not be.

I also don’t like the idea that I can no longer charge my imaginary criminals with wilful murder – because that’s been merged into murder, which is no fun. I loved condemning the imaginary criminals (good band name by the way) in the scenarios to life imprisonment for wilful murder; it sounds just that much worse. Imaginary crime fighting is my thing, clearly. I should be an imaginary superhero. Can you imagine it? SuperGeorgia! Or something along those lines… As long as I was super buff and had some cool power to control nature like Poison ivy. And I’d need a cooler name, probably something based on whatever power I had. I’m one confused imaginary superhero.

Anyways, back to the law, no more infanticide means that the post-natal-ly depressed mother is now a murderer, who will get a much harsher sentence. Of course, killing your baby is sick, but let’s not make it worse! Let us try and rehabilitate the mother, who is probably super grieving.
There are many more issues we could discuss with these new homicide laws but they’re just not that interesting, or we haven’t discussed them in class yet, thus I haven’t really thought very deeply about them. When I do, I may share them with you.

Until then, I shall continue to fight imaginary crime as an imaginary superhero. Because that is my new life’s calling.

Over and out!
premature cat lady by day, imaginary superhero by night!