Ok, so I’ve completed Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. Yes, just like everyone else has. But did everyone else dress up as MARIA on the release date, with an “I’m having trouble dealing with the fact that Edward Cullen is a fictional character.” badge pinned to them?

No, thus I am the biggest fan. Edward and I, we had a very special imaginary relationship until he got married.

Now I know we all have an opinion on this book, but I’ve decided that mine is law, alright? Just because this is my blog and I can say as much.

Let me put this to you now: I will spoil the book for you if you read any further. So allow me to begin with what I loved:

GEORGIA’S TOP TEN BREAKING DAWN MOMENTS (in no particular order – georgia doesn’t approve of favouritism)

1. The first book, from Bella’s perspective, it was true Twilight-Saga and thus I was very content.

2. I was very pleased when Jacob reappeared – I may be Team Edward, but I do have the softest ever spot for Jake.

3. The honeymoon – it was kinky.

4. Jacob’s perspective, had that section been from Bella or Edward’s point of view, it would’ve all been fret fret fret and a bit dull. And any remaining Jake-haters were surely converted during this part of the overall novel.

5. Leah, my new favourite character. She’s got spunk and she’s tough and she grew up and man how can you NOT love her? Fingers crossed she gets a spin off series.

6. The very last page, it was too cute.

7. When Jacob finally imprinted – giving us an insight into just how special it is.

8. When Jake went against the pack to save the vampires.

9. “I’ll play you for it. Rock, paper, scissors.” “Why don’t you just tell me who wins?” “I do. Excellent.”

10. Bella’s first day as a vampire – and all her reactions, including that epic outburst at Jake.

11. (because this is my top ten!) When Charlie met Renesmee.

12. Emmett’s dirty jokes.

13. J. Jenks and his comments about Mr. Jasper.

Of course, as with all books, there were a few moments that had me cringing, so now let me present to you, with a drum roll:


1. Renesmee

2. No one died, and I was so prepared to handle a death! (Of course, at the same time I’m glad they all survived.)

3. Embry and Quil not following Jake to his new pack.

4. No big fight scene – I love fight scenes.

5. Kinky sex scenes were left to our imagination, thus there were no blushing twelve year olds feeling very awkward indeed.

6. Edward not actually biting Bella. Syringes aren’t half as exciting.

7. Alice & Jasper leaving.

8. Well, I’m out of things I didn’t like. Honestly, there weren’t many, and things like Alice & Jasper leaving are just lame fillers – they had to leave! It was part of the plot and it fit in just fine! I was just sad cos I like Alice & Jasper.

Overall, I am pretty pleased with how it all went. It turned a little fan fic at times, like with the baby and all, but Meyer said that this is what she had originally planned many moons ago, before all us crazy fans, thus I cannot whinge about her falling into fan fic territory.

I promise I loved it, I guess I was kind’ve hoping Bella would stay human right until almost the very end. I couldn’t relate to vampire-Bella, which made it a little difficult I guess.

But please Stephenie, do not do a spin off using Renesmee! Your idea to use Leah is far more exciting and fresh and original because it’s the OTHER end of the spectrum! (The werewolves, rather than the vampires.)

Also, I love Leah. Yeah.

The End.