I’m watching the 7:30 Report on the ABC, and there was just an image of fire and people and a huge protest sign, with the words: “You Cannot Destroy Georgia” printed across it.

Damn straight! Georgia has been sucked up by Russia before and it’s not ready to give in again.

There’s been a cease fire, of sorts. Russia’s continued their invasion and attack on poor little tiny Georgia. Russia is brutal, it’s been reported that they are allegedly seeking out people from their houses in the Georgian town of Gori and killing them. Murder, much? That’s 20 years to life in prison under the WA Criminal Code. I’m taking you to court, Russia!

There’s much smoke and damage and I worry for my poor little sister country – even despite that they “provoked” Russia. Yeah, by attacking their own territory. There are far more diplomatic ways to deal with this. Remember, Georgia is a SMALL country, you can easily intimidate them.

Also, just because there’s a “civil conflict”, a whole other war just makes everything worse and innocent civilians are killed in the process! Wake up members of my nation! Russia is scary!

I’m awaiting further updates on the conflict, and I’ll continue to give my opinions on the events.

Did anyone catch the Georgia v Russia volleyball match today at the Olympics? I’d love to know what happened. I had Contract Law.