Georgian leaders have “renounced the Russian’s as invading barbarians” according to the ABC news, which is at present playing on the television in the next room.

There has been a tentative end of sorts to this conflict, but who know’s how long it will hold out? Georgia is small and their military is hardly strong enough to protect itself from such a nation as Russia – hey, I’d be fucking terrified if Russia invaded my nation. Probably because my nation really only consists of me at this stage, and thus Russia would obliterate me in seconds – end of the Land of Bof and their Kaiser Georgia.

Let’s see what happens, there is most certainly more to this new truce to come – and I’ll be reporting back to all you, my followers, my padawans, the future potential members of my nation.

In other Georgian/Russian news, I was informed that Georgia beat Russia in the volleyball match – I really regret missing that. Bet it was a really intense match – all political and stuff. Haha.

That’s all I have to say for now.