I had my final cervical cancer vaccination today, I swear it was more painful than the previous two, but the nurse assured me that I was just being silly. I tried to distract myself by looking around the room, but this was a ridiculous idea because the whole thing was white. And neon. It hurt my eyes like my skin at the start of summer hurt’s Kt’s eyes.

I’d just like to double back a little now, and add something to my review of Breaking Dawn, I’ve worked out why I felt so empty at the end of it all – and it’s all thanks to the Sydney Morning Herald. Curious as to what caused my emptiness? Edward. He was sidelined! Pushed aside in favour of Renesmee, who was charming everyone left right and centre. Do you want to know what initially drew me to the books? Edward’s charm, not Renesmee’s! Renesmee didn’t even exist until half way through the fourth book! How dare she steal Eddie’s spotlight?!

But enough about that, I’m still in mourning over the end of our imaginary relationship, and would rather not dwell on how perfect he truly is. đŸ˜›

Back to my arm, it’s a little swollen, and I treated myself to a Freddo Frog afterwards, as a pat on the back for being so brave – seeing as there was no one else there to hold my hand! (Probably because I booked the appointment on a whim, without telling anyone! Haha.)

I listened to the new Grates album (Teeth Lost, Hearts Won) tonight, it’s pretty epic. You should go pick yourself up a copy, I really love it. It’s fresh, but still 100% absolutely The Grates – and it has epic cover art. Nuff said.

fig. 1: Georgia’s opinion of Teeth Lost, Hearts Won

This post wasn’t particularly political or historical or lawical. Sorry if I bored you, I’m bored too. Stupid bloody crim assignment.

Au Revoir.