Did you know that “free cake” is an incorrect statement, because cake cannot techincally be free? Sad, isn’t it.

The correct statement is: “You are free from the impediment of price to consume this cake.” or something along those lines. Because cake, like other inanimate objects, are not agents, apparently. And in order to be free, there must be an agent (a person/animal), impediments (or lack of) and goals. And the cake’s goal is not to be free, but rather it is our goal to get the cake for free.

Seriously, this freedom stuff is confusing. Let the cake be free, says I!

Speaking of agents, I want to be a secret agent/super hero but Mitchell says no. Excuse me Mitchell, don’t be the impediment towards my superhero goal – I will be awesome.

Speaking of which, we are going to make a film. I will be in it. We will win the film fest for sure.

I need to write my crim assignment.