The Olympics are over.

I must admit, I was getting a little bored with nothing but the Olympic coverage on television. I always love watching the opening ceremony, but then I find myself easily bored by people running and jumping and swimming. Omg, I can do that too!

figure 3: Georgia finds herself bored with the Olympics

Ok, maybe not as fast, but I still have those very same skills. I’m a highly skilled person. And sometimes this highly skilled person wishes that the television would deliver something other than running and swimming!

I must admit, that dirt bike racing thing was pretty entertaining – when they were falling off and crashing into one another and stuff.

And the Russian/Georgian volleyball match was politically fun.

Oh, and watching Hamish and Andy try their luck at ‘ghosting’ army officers was also pretty hilarious. I was entertained. (see:

But like, running in a straight line, whatevs says I! We need more entertaining sports! (No offence to track stars and whatnot, you guys have some serious discipline and motivation and I have some serious respect for that.) I’m thinking fire eating, hula hooping and sleeping could be some pretty epic sports. And maybe a pie eating contest or two? I’ve always enjoyed watching people stuff themselves silly.

Well, that’s my two cents worth for now. I am still working away at thist bloody Criminal Law assignment (see post: lol!) and I must complete it tonight! Ugh…

Happy Monday!