Mitchell – who did my blog header – has demanded another post on my blog. Well, Mitchell, this one’s for you.

In Criminal Law, we hear about some pretty whack cases. I’m going to countdown my top five criminal law cases, as of the present. (Afterall, I’m sure Neil Morgan has a few more sickos left up his sleeve to unleash on us.)

Some of these are a little disturbing, just warning you.

5. Lergesner v Carrol – Qld. Two Queensland police offices were arguing. They decided they’d settle an argument by having a fight. What were they arguing over? MANGOES! Ridiculous. Anyways, it was decided that in this case, there was no conviction of assault because the two had consented and stayed within the boundaries of what they had agreed/consented to. Of course, I’m still baffled as to why they had to have a physical battle over mangoes.

4. I’m unsure of the name of this case, but it was where a husband rented his wife out to his mates. I do believe the wife was one of those mail order brides of sorts, and her understanding of the law and her rights were not all that fantastic and well, she was forced into it. Charged with sexual assault, I think…

3. Brown – UK. This is where a group of sado-masochists consented to being tortured in various sexual ways, which was so brutal that as our lecturer described it, we cringed. To give you an example, they were stabbing fishhooks through eachother’s foreskins. Of course, one of them was stupid enough to film it and leave the film on a bus. They were charged with assault, even though they had consented to the sado-masochism. Because you can’t consent to somethings – assault to this extent is one of them. (Unlike in case number 5.)

2. Collins – UK. This is a truly twisted one. A lady awoke and saw a man at her window – but she couldn’t work out whether or not he had been inside our outside her window. Anyways, he was naked in the moonlight and had an erection. She thought he was her boyfriend, visiting her, so she beckoned him in and seduced him. She noticed something about him was off and when she turned on the light, realised that the man wasn’t her boyfriend. This was an unsual case because they weren’t sure whether or not he was there to rape her and whether or not he had used fraud in order to get him to sleep with her. But a very amusing case.

1. Vampire case – South Australia. I can’t remember the name of this case, but it’s pretty hilarious. A lady went out and slit a mans throat with a knife and allegedly drank his blood. She told the police that she was a vampire who needed blood to survive. (Excuse me, do vampires not have super sharp teeth/fangs that are able to penetrate human skin?)

Now, of course, I’ve not finished criminal law yet, and there’s still much law ahead of me! (4 years, to be specific.) So, this will change. But for now, here, for you (and Mitchell), those are my best and favourite amusing cases.

If I hear of any others, I’ll update you all!

And people say law is boring…

Well, contract is. 😛