I know I may have vaguely stated that I’d quit the Twi-posts. But seriously, I can’t not say anything.

Due to some twat-head who has gone and posted Midnight Sun on the internet (Meyer’s Twilight from Edward’s point of view), Stephenie Meyer has indefinately put the completion, editing and publication of the book on hold.

This could mean we never see Midnight Sun. And I am seriously about ready to jump on a plane and go and SLAUGHTER whoever uploaded it initially and whoever has passed it on. You ruined it for the rest of the world and god I hope you have trouble sleeping at night.

It’s so awful that Meyer’s been so upset by this, and if she wants to sue, I’ll be her lawyer. (Mind you, she’ll have to wait for me to finish my degree and articles first!)

You can read about it on her website, http://www.stepheniemeyer.com, it’s really sad that she’s been so affected by this and now we all have to suffer because of a few dickheads. (Yes I really am repeating myself, but I’m so pissed off.) Hopefully this indefinateness doesn’t last too long.

As with the rest of the Twi-community, I’m sending my love in her direction and eagerly await whatever comes next. (Even though I know it won’t be Edward-related.)

Signing off.

figure 4: The Twilight Community (including me so much) still love SM!