Today I cycled to uni. Stupidest idea ever. Did you know, just before UWA, there is this HUGE eff-off hill that I will have to cycle up to get home? Did you know that I am like the most unfit person ever? Did you know I might just catch the bus home and leave my bike here until dad gets home and then I’ll go pick it up with the car? Did you know I just ate a whole cakes worth of icing straight?

Bet you didn’t know that!

Contract again, sitting next to Sally (who just had a freak out cos she was looking for her callus on the wrong hang) and Bronwyn who is definately fitter than I am.

We’re discussing total failure consideration and how to recover monies paid/damages. Sally is so bored she’s staring at my screen, yeah that’s right. THAT’S HOW BORING THIS CLASS IS!

Luckily, I write the most exciting and thrilling blog on this entire planet, maybe even universe, that during the next hour of contract she will be entertained as she will be able to read this post. Yeah, you know it. πŸ˜› I bet she agrees.

Apparently, if there is not TOTAL failure of consideration, (ie there is only a little failure of consideration), then there’s no claim for damages for your side of the contract. Or something like that. I honestly don’t understand this class and if anyone would care to enlighten me, that would be fabulous.

Honestly, what on earth does that mean? Does the lecturer realise that she is speaking at twice my fastest talking speed and she is the lecturer and not me? Does she realise that if she is speaking faster than me then there is no way in hell that anyone less than a superhero would be able to comprehend what she is rambling about?


Lecturer is now asking us a question I didn’t hear, which means I can’t answer it and whoever answers it correctly won’t make any sense to me either. Should I pay attention? Well, maybe, but it doesn’t make a difference – this lady truely makes no sense, even though I have copied down all her notes and everything she writes and all major points she mentions. SLOW DOWN CRAZY LECTURER LADY!

Man this post is below par, sorry little choo choos (my followers), I hope I haven’t let you down too much!

I shall now return my focus to the crazy lady at the front of the lecture theatre – hopefully I’ll learn something.

Farewell my little choo choos!

p.s. Sally & I hae numbuts. We’re numbats. Haha. What a pun. Poor effort.