My cousin Katie, who is pretty cool and lives in Adelaide, turned 21 the other day.

I didn’t actually get to go to her party, because I am in Perth and she is in Adelaide. As I previously stated.

So let’s do the time warp again, so I can attend the party!

*goes back in time*


Ok! I’m back! And I took some pretty epic photos.

Check them out:

Me and Uncle Phil and Aunty Kerry at the beginning of the night. As you can see, we’re pretty hot, especially them, considering how old they are.

Katie is not really that interested in her drink, she is too busy checking me out in my incredibly hot blue dress.

Here is me with some people I don’t know. Notice how smug I look because no one seems to have noticed my outfit change.

Here is me, after yet another outfit change, having a laugh with the oldies. Why are there always so many oldies at 21sts? Lol.

Here’s me with some of my cousins, and some strangers. As you can see, the reason I’ve had to do so many outfit changes is because Meg stole my first dress! Watch me shake my fist at you, Meg!

Finally, after one last dress change and a bit of insta-tan-in-a-can, I put on my best party hat and made a speech about my favourite and best cousin.

Happy Birthday Katie!

The End.