My lovely readers,

I am sick.

This explains why there has been no sign of me for… 5 days. 😛

Also, my internet crashed, due to the storm or something, the phone line cut out and all.

Just a few quick updates:

1. The AFL Grand Final today was intense. Seriously, those first three quarters, I just could not pick the outcome. But I’m happy the Hawks won. And I did manage to correctly guess which side would kick the first goal: Geelong.
Also, Powderfinger’s cover of It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock n Roll) was cool, especially the part when they mashed it with their ‘On My Mind’ and when the bagpipes appeared.

2. It’s been raining far too much here. It’s cold and wet and Melbourne is warm and sunny. How does that work?

3. My smallest cat, Ringo (aka Small Butt), tried to go to the bank the other day. We live just off the highway and there’s a bank on the corner, apparently he sat outside the glass doors and miowed, trying to get in. A nice lady from the bank brought him home. She said that he’s not the only cat who hangs around the bank, I believe that the others may be my other two cats (Semmi & Billy) and the neighbours cat (Oscar). Do they have secret monies we don’t know about? I hope so.

4. The post office won’t accept my passport application because the signature on my expired passport (that I signed when I was 14) is different to the signature I use now. (Of course it’s different! You change alot between 14 and 19!) Even though I had 3 forms of photo id and my birth certificate and a Medicare card and a bank statement and my bank card and my university statement.
They also kept asking me for a Mortgage Bill and/or a Property Lease Contract, after I told them I live at home. (Why would a 19 year old have a Mortgage Bill anyways?) Seriously, there’s only five people in Western Australia with my surname, one is me, three are my immediate family and one is some old guy who lives on the other side of town, why wouldn’t I be me?

5. It’s Guild Elections at uni this week. Vote Kate08!