The ABC news site has coverage on the case I covered in my last post.

The story: Man charged over sexual assault of Perth prostitute is obviously going to be one we’re sure to see alot of in the coming weeks – especially when it goes to trial at the end of the month.

I will keep a close eye on the ABC website, the evening news and the newspapers when I get them (Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday). If you see anything on the case that it is likely I have missed – please leave a comment with the source.

Expect more soon!


p.s. I got my History assignment back. 71%! Can you believe that? Seriously man, it was not worth 71%. I am thrilled. ^_^

p.p.s. I am now getting 67 cents to the USA dollar. Man, I told my parents that the economy was going to crash. I told them this in the lead up to the Australian Federal Election last year. They told me to shush, I wasn’t an economics expert and nothing of the sort would happen! I should’ve converted my cash to US dollars and pounds and euros last year