Katy Perry is currently on Rove Love, yeah man. I should be writing my essay, but no, I have some super fun information:

When Katy Perry was a little girl, she wasn’t allowed to call “devilled eggs” by their name. No, her parents and her called them “angel eggs”. Because you’re such an angel egg yourself aren’t you, Katy Perry.

She’s gonna kiss a girl with cherry chapstick and like it later on the show.

Oddly enough, she’s not wearing vintage underwear or maybe she is, but it’s hidden under her dress? Has Katy Perry reformed? Has she realised that underwear is intended for UNDER your WEAR? Probably not, probably just the producers of Rove told her that she should wear a dress – albeit a hideous one. I’ll get a photo asap.

If you’re online now, turn onto Channel 10 and check out Katy Perry singing lies and trying to pretend to be an angel egg.

Yeah I’m bored and procrastinating.

p.s. Rove loves blogging, it combines his two favourite things: being opinonated and wearing no pants. Man, I never realised Rove and I were kindred spirits… o.O