yesterday, after leaving the house at 3pm cos we slept in so late, we went shopping and i bought a pretty jacket and jo bought some shoes and then matt and jo and i went and bought 24 donuts. yes we are fully aware how ridiculous an idea that was.

but see, if you bought a dozen donuts, you got the second dozen free! how could we say no?

we’ve barely made a dent in our 24 donuts. i’ll take some photos of what is left.

matt won’t let us eat donuts for breakfast. it’s cos he’s almost 21. old people don’t do crazy things.

HOWEVER old people are also slow and sleep in. matt is still in bed, jo is ready (she went out, missed her train, came home) and i’m about to go shower.

matt takes like 3 hours to get ready. we renamed him daphne cos he takes longer to get ready than both jo and i combined.

today matt promised me a bookstore. the bookstore was cos jo wasn’t supposed to be here cos she doesn’t like spending hours in bookstores. that’s ok, we’ll just find her some pretty fashion books to absorb herself in for like the 21 billion hours we plan on spending in the bookstore.

kt, i’m having trouble getting you that dvd.

missing you all!

i’m off to eat more donuts