we’re leaving for paris in about 7 hours.

i’m just getting over a cold (thanks bos) and i’m not sure i’ll survive paris if it’s colder than it is here in london!

yesterday was matt’s 21st, i didn’t make it out clubbing, due to being sick and all, but i got an amazing nights sleep and woke up feeling almost 100% better.

we’ve been to harrods, we went to visit peter pan at hyde park (we also saw the princess diana fountain – but i’d barely call it a fountain. it looked more like one of those water slides at wet n wild)

we went to harvey nicols for matt’s 21st lunch/dinner, yesterday. i now drink tea, thanks to my nasty cold.

we’ve also spent far too much time at maccas for my liking (thanks dale & matt)

we went to the tower of london today but didn’t make it inside as we would’ve only had 40mins to do the entire tower – i’ll do it when i return to london on the 25th

all and all it’s been pretty epic thus far and i’ve spent so much less than i thought – i might actually come home with some money at this rate!

i might not be able to blog in paris, but i’ll take some notes and blog when i have time.