ola! i am in espanol – aka spain, specifically barcelona, amd it is about six degrees. it´s lovely after our negative degrees experience in the lovely, snow white paris.

we arrived in paris on monday at midday, after a delayed flight, and after a quick drop in at our hostel, we hit the notre dame, where my feet got soaked by the slush (no longer snow) and i was not impressed.

luckily the notre dame was so beautiful, i could look past my icky poo wet socks, and admire the beauty that is the place of the hunchback. did not see hunchback though, most disappointed.

we then hit gallerie lafayette, an amazing shopping centre that was so intensely classy – even the maccas inside it was classy – that i couldn´t afford a new pair of shoes without taking out a loan. so we bypassed the clothes and hit the cds and dvds. brice de nice!!!

we then wandered down some streets, a hobo man going into a public toilet on the side of the street called out ´hey baby!´ to us. best. way. to. pick. up. in. paris. period.


back at the hostel, we cooked dinner in the kitchen, which was full of aussies. specifically, it was a huge incestous pool of uwa students (and two maquarie uni kids from nsw who KNEW uwa ppl). that was fun.

we hit the sack early that night, being exhausted and all.

tuesday we couldn´t go to the pere lachaise cos it was snowing and thus closed, but we hit the pantheon, montemarte, saw the red light district, the sacre coeur, musee d´orsey and ended the day at my mums favourite place in paris: willi´s wine bar. which was amazing, go there.

it was negative four degrees that day, i´ve never been colder, but atleast the snow had stopped and my feet were warm and dry the whole day.

we also discovered that there is no such thing as tap water in restaurants, and despite specifying what we wanted, ended up having to pay 4 euros 90 for a half litre of water. never again.

wednesday (yesterday) we hit the pompidou centre, which exceeded expectations, especially that escalator on the outside.

we then did the eiffel tower, although didn´t climb it, it was way to cold, and walked down the champs d´elyssee to see the arc de triomphe. i momentarily lost sanity when i ALMOST stepped out into that stupid roundabout there. came to my senses just intime.

we hit the latin quarter for dinner, where i had the best onion soup ever, and then… wait for it.


it was amazing, they gave us free fancy champagne, and we had a blast. loved every moment of it. so so so amazing. will scan my programme when i get back so you can all see.

so now, in barc, i have to go, because i want to go out and have fun and see things!

miss you