we last left georgia on her amazing adventures as she arrived in barcelona, to warm, pleasant weather after the cold, wet snow in paris…

except that it rained in barcelona.

well, only one night.

we saw lots of gaudi in barc, gaudi tiles on the footpaths, gaudi buildings and gaudis park guiel and sangrieta (sp) familia

amazing stuff

then we went on a pub crawl and jo lost her phone and wallet (but dont worry! someone found it and is mailing it to sheffield for her) and we were stumbling around in the pouring wet, looking around the carosel for her wallet and phone. other than that, awesome pub crawl packed with irish and aussies and one guy who sounded exactly like hugh grant.

we also ran into izzie, which was super surreal.

madrid was amazing also, it was warm and we hit the flea markets and saw the opera house and saw crazy chanel shoes with gun holsters for the heel.

as one does in spain, we visited the art galleries and saw lots of picasso (especially guernica), miro and dali. it was generally amazing.

the food was amazing, although we narrowly avoided ordering porcupine pasta!!!

then on the 13th we arrived in rome, this was yesterday.

we did everything – the colesseum (which is super creepy at night just fyi) and the old roman forums, etc. if it was ruintastic, we were there. there was some light rain as well, which didnt fuss me, but i was followed around by umbrella street vendors who thought i might need an umbrella.

we also visited the pantheon and trevi fountain – chucked a 1 euro cent piece in to let them know id be back

of course, last night it poured and my shoes got soaked again (im currently hairdrying them) and we ate way too much pasta and i feel sick.

we are off to the vatican city and a few other places today, should be amazing, promised only very light rain.

then its off to florence with jo, then venice on my own, meeting matt in milan, then a return paris on my own and back to london with bec. but ill keep you posted on my further adventures

excuse the crap grammar in all of these posts, i cant work out the european keyboard to save me!