ok, here’s a fun story from my travels to keep you going whilst i get over my (still CONTINUING %$^!#*&!@&*$&) jetlag/big day out lag:

Jo & Georgia go to dinner in the Latin Quarter in Paris.

They begin with an entre of cheeeeeeeeeeeese crepe and french onion & awesome soup.

For main course, Jo orders a steak.

Being a vegeratarian, Georgia selects the “pomme de terre et fromage” dish. Translation: potatos and cheeeeeeeeeeese pleeeeeeeeeeeeease.

The following dish is placed down infront of Georgia at the little restaurant in the Latin Quarter on a freezing cold early-January night in Paris:


The above photograph is quite clearly of A PLATE OF MELTY, CONGEALY CHEESE! (Which came accompanied by a lovely bowl of boiled potatos.)

The moral of this story: The French are a truly cheesy bunch.

Or some shit like that, I dunno.

Fun story, right? Yeah I was right.