Did you miss me? I was gone for a while there. As it was, I was swamped by life and almost forgot about my beloved little blog!

I really must complete my list of amazing things from Europe. There is so much more entertaining stuff to post! And it will kill the boredom between classes…

That’s right, this is my second week back at uni and I already hate Tort Law. I really do. Except Donoghue v Stevenson. If you don’t know what Donoghue v Stevenson is, then click on this link to become learned on one of the best cases ever in existence. (It didn’t make my earlier list cos it’s tort, not criminal.)

I am now a third year, this makes me feel ill and I am really not excited about my birthday that approaches. Twenteen is not an attractive age and I am doing everything to resist the coming of Sunday, when all Hades rises and I become that disgusting old age that has a 2 infront of it. *shudders*

Um… what else is there? Not a whole lot really, life has been relatively uneventful and there isn’t even anything hilarious for me to report upon!

Oh! I signed up to be group leader for next weeks history workshop presentation… Only to remember later that I am so unorganised I forgot that I was too unorganised to be a group leader! Tune in to Geography Lecture Theatre 1 at 10am next Tuesday to watch wrinkly old twenteen Georgia and her comradery of motley revolutionaries crash and burn!

This is all for now.

I promise more fun Europe pictures later.