Ok, so I actually have way more lifely lessons than I realised! – as Jo has many of the photos we took overseas that I still need to get copies of!

For now, however, I can add a few more lifely lessons, and eventually ransack Jo’s laptop for the last of the photos for the rest of my lifely lesson!

5. Barcelona is a place of deadly, hip-swinging pasttimes.
Let us return to Barcelona, where the saftey concious locals don’t want you to get hurt by their mad hip-swiveling skillz, and thus warn you when you are coming across the underbelly of Barcelonian lifestyle: hula hoops!!!
You have been warned!

6. How to scare the life out of Matthew 101.
Now, this one doesn’t have an accompanying photo, but is an important travel titbit nonetheless. No doubt everyone was taught, as a child, to LOOK BOTH WAYS when crossing the road. This is lesson I rarely feel the need to use in Perth, as a pedestrian (as a driver, I feel differently), as there are usually two lanes and I cross one at a time. Of course, I am predisposed to look left first, as this is how the laws of the road have always been in Australia. Of course, in Barcelona, I look left, failing to see an oncoming bus and almost becoming roadkill. And that, is how you scare the life out of Matthew 101. You are excused.

7. The French like to sexualise the most inappropriate things.
This is an add for my favourite French fizzy drink:
‘Nuff said.

I actually once again have to cut myself off here, there is a uni event I must attend!