I am unleashing a new theme of posts upon my blog.

These will all be tagged with “the bradley experiment” so that you will all have easy access to the process of this experimental theme upon my blog.

At this stage, I am not sure how long the experiment will take, but I don’t anticipate it to be a lengthy process, Bradley isn’t a badly dressed person. However, it will be awesome and maybe one day, because of this, I can host my own reality tv show. It’s one of my many dreams.

Bradley was the one who hired me, by the way, I am just blogging this because I want to.

Lesson One begins today.

We shall commence this experiment by studying my favourite and best of fashion websites:

Go Fug Yourself

In particular, Bradley will be expected to study the way famous people dress badly (and sometimes goodly) and will be asked to report back on his findings.

He should pay particular attention to anything entitled “Well Played” or “Fug or Fab” – both the men and women – and study why the individuals have been awarded “Well Played” honours, or why the girls behind Go Fug Yourself are confuzzled as to whether or not the outfit in question is indeed “Fug or Fab”.

It’s the best website.

There you go, Lesson One begins now.