I watched 60 Minutes on Sunday Night, god knows why… I guess I just did – until we flicked over to SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE? – and listened to old ladies swearing and overly make-upped dancers get all excited and squealy over the fact that they got to dance ballroom/hip-hop/contemporary that week. How thrilling!

But dancing is not what this rant is to be about – despite how fun fun times dancing is!

So, back to 60 Minutes – honestly one of the most bogus programmes on television, it draws you in and sucks all your attention and braincells and warps you into some sort of addict for 60 minutes. And on Sunday night our best and favourite Christian Porter was on 60 Minutes! (How could I resist? Really!) Apparently the justice system is causing more and more controversy by the second! How could the justice system give some man who ran over a child whilst drunk driving be given such a short sentence?

Of course, this is such a frustratingly complex issue and trust me, one that is just no fun – especially as the argument then turns quickly to alcohol and it’s role in all of this – particularly when the law states you cannot use intoxication as an excuse. Of course, I was consequently baffled by how he got such a short sentence myself, considering the fact that alcohol is no excuse for bad behaviour!

This was not a one-off either! On Monday night, Today Tonight picked up the issue of our justice system. They chose to talk about criminal defence lawyers: good guys or bad guys?
Really, I don’t get why this is such an issue, if you’d been accused of a crime, you’d want your side of the story told! Especially if you believed you were innocent. The whole system revolves around this idea that an individual is innocent until proven guilty – one that I’m sure most people would agree to if they were placed in this position.

So why the sudden obsession with criticising the criminal justice system? Sure, it’s always being criticised, but it was just amended in an attempt to fix the problems! Give them some time, there’s a huge back log of cases in the system!

Well, this has undoubtedly all spawned off the case of the drunken brawl that left a police officer paralysed. It’s an awful story, and if the whole thing was filmed on a mobile phone, then how on earth did the accused’s (plural) get off?

Well, excuse me whilst I try and get hold of the case transcript…

But can we lay off the defence lawyers? They aren’t the bad guys!

Watch this space.