I realie it’s been a while since my last post. I must admit, I have been a bit preoccupied with uni, specifically Prosh on April Fools Day and following that, Prosh-recovery, which took a while.

However, at the same time, my interwebs hasn’t been the best of friends and I’ve had issues trying to get my blog open to post something for all you, my lovely readers/creepy psychotic fans. 🙂

I guess what I should do is talk about Prosh. (as I’m still looking into a conclusion for my last post.) Prosh is very near and dear to me and this was my third year around putting myself through the torture and hell of dragging myself out of bed at 4am to swarm the streets of Perth city with my fellow UWA students in ridiculous constumes, selling parody newspapers to raise money for charity.

If you don’t know what Prosh is, feel free to enlighten yourself at this interwebial location. It’s really a fun day – and the absolute best and most awesome reason to go to UWA! Yay us!

Ok, let’s begin with my costume. I had alot of trouble deciding on something, having dressed up as a nun in my first year, and as a Vegas showgirl (complete with feathery bum feature) my second time around.

Eventually it was dear lovely Caro P who gave me the most epic idea ever: dinosaur.

I set about building a dinosaur with papermache. I had epic plans for my dinosaur, however after a week of hard arts and crafting, he still wasn’t quite complete. (But you wait! He will be the most insane dinosaur you’ve ever seen when I’m finished with him!) Of course, as I had not completed him, I could not paint him. So I revamped my idea a little, made myself a tail and scales out of newspaper and ended up proshing as a “Proshasaraus” – a rare, not-yet extinct dinosaur who is made entirely out of newspapers and (due to the fact his jaw broke on my way to uni) brown packing tape. I felt it was quite fitting, selling newspapers whilst covered in them.

This was the end result:

fig 1: epic proshasaraus proshing in the most proshy way possible!

As you can quite clearly see, he isn’t complete (as I mentioned), but is on the way to extraordinary epicness as a proper dinosaur mask/helmet when he is complete!

So let me talk you through the events of my third Prosh:

I was woken up by a phone call at 4:30am, I threw on my costume, brushed my teeth and walked down to campus. On the way, the jaw of my dinosaur broke. (He was repared later that day when the shops opened.)

Dance party’d on Oak Lawn (which began at 3am) until 6am. So much dance party love. Love dance party. Bet you’re jealous you didn’t dance party it up at 3am on the Oak Lawn. Yeah bet you are.

Here’s some photos to make you even more jealous:

fig 2: Dance party before sunrise.

fig 3: Dance party during sunrise.

Of course, dance party wouldn’t be complete without a smattering of very drunk, very naked boys running around campus at 4am, but I don’t wanna name and shame. 😛

After so much dance party, we jumped on the buses, hit the city (yes, in our wacky costumes) and got harassed by Tafe students who refused to buy a Prosh for charity because they’re just jealous they weren’t good enough to come to our uni. Obviously. 😛

Then we Proshessioned through the mall, to the steps outside the state library, where we had MORE DANCE PARTY at midday. So much dance party. Love dance party.

After that I went home and passed out. I was pooped.

More photos and excitingness to come!