Last night I turned on the television to discover there was no Chaser! “WHAT IS THIS?” I exclaimed, outraged.
And then my sister informed me that it was not just cancelled this week, but also next!

HOW COULD YOU ABC? How could you, my favourie channel, deprive me of my favourite television programme for not just one week, but two?!?! And when I’d been so excited about their return to television only two weeks ago!

Now, if you’ve been living under a rock, you probably wouldn’t know about the big controversy over a skit the Chaser performed in their second episode in this EPIC series return to my absolute best and favourite television station!

fig 1: Georgia’s heros

The skit was a parody of the Make A Wish foundation, in which they referred to the charity as the “Make A Realistic Wish Foundation” and they sang a little song about how it wasn’t worth putting in alot of effort into making sick kid’s wishes come true, because they were going to die anyways. (If you haven’t seen it, I’m sure you can find it SOMEWHERE on YouTube, but it has been removed from the Chaser’s website.)

Now, there’s no doubt that the skit was in rather bad taste, and the Chaser has taken full responsibility, apologised and suggested everyone offended make a donation to the Make A Wish foundation. But really, isn’t that what we’ve come to expect from this amazing troop of soldiers?

So, did the ABC have to CANCEL the show for two weeks? Honestly, the Chaser has offended a million times before, made a million apologies and their criminal records put Voldemort to shame! They’re not going to STOP just because you pull them off the air for a few weeks! Hell, you could pull them off the air permanently, and they’d find a way to secretly broadcast themselves to the world!

So why make me suffer for two weeks without them? They are still going to offend, it’s what they do! They WANT to offend you, and the more you’re offended, the more ammunition you give them.
And by stirring up the public, they create debate, discussion and provide a public service by performing scrutiny upon all political and public sectors of society to “keep the bastards honest”, because seriously, the Democrats aren’t exactly doing much in that realm now days!

And sure, the Chaser may be doing it in the most offensive and vulgar way possible, but that’s because they were jaded law and political science students, much like myself, and I have long dreamed of joining forces with them one day in the future, in order to do my duty for my nation by making a public nuisance of myself, annoying the SHIT out of the pollies and earning myself a sweet-deal criminal record in the process. Because there is really no doubt that what they do is as fun as it looks on the telly!

But, all I really wanted to say was this: you can whinge and complain and rant about the Chaser all you want, but they are a force that are tough to beat. A force that will one day be invinsible! (When I join them.)

Until such a time,

p.s. geez KRudd, you’re no fun! We want a PM with a sense of humour! Or atleast one that’s fun to hate. We were so lucky to have someone who provided as much amusement as little Johnny, why can’t you be more like him? Huh, KRudd, huh? And don’t you dare try to use that $900 you just deposited into my bank account as some sort of bribe to get me to lighten up on you! BE MORE FUN!