This is a little bit different to my usual posts, but it was too funny NOT to share!

Last night two of our cats, Billy and Ringo (aka Butt*) were asleep on the couch next to eachother and Butt kept trying to lick Billy.

Let it be known that Billy and Butt usually don’t get along very well, and for Butt to get as close as he did, before the licking started, was unusual enough. And very cute. And very funny.

We FINALLY managed to get it on film, and the result was posted by my sister on YouTube (so I apologise for her bad spelling in the captions).

So, without further ado:

Kitty Lickin’ Good (with commentary by myself, my sister Chloe and my friend Yuki):
(Butt is the black one, Billy is the brown tabby.)

If that didn’t work, you can catch the clip on YouTube right here.

Until later!

*Ringo was nicknamed Butt shortly after we got him because he had no fur on his behind (and looked like a baboon) and it kinda stuck.