Good morning to all thou who follow me faithfully, religiously (very few) and those who I force to read my words of exceptional wisdom (most people),

On the night of Friday the 21st of August, I, Georgia, will be attending the annual UWA Blackstone Society Law Ball. That’s right, me, me, me, me, me, me… ME AT BALL! (or, more suitably, meatball!)

I still haven’t selected a dress to wear! (Although have managed to narrow it down to a choice of three.) And I honestly actually currently do NOT own a pair of suitable shoes to wear to this ball! And I certainly haven’t even THOUGHT about my hair yet!!! Is this not utterly ridiculous?

Well, atleast I’ve got me a dress… *cough cough Katieeeeeee* (let’s go shopping!)

So, as it must appear, I am more than excited and stressed over this Friday evening approaching us, especially considering the success of last year where Jo and I ate broccolini covered in mash ‘tato that resulted in some very interestingly placed stains over my brand new dress… (sad face!)

In conclusion: YAY LAW BALL! I love pretty (and some ugly) people all extra prettified (p.s. Ellen Degeneres is Bookmaster! – she just announced that on the television) and is pretty (and some ugly) dresses with fancy-looking food (that really isn’t that fancy) served alongside unlimited cheap champagne! EPIC TIMES AHEAD!

In other news: my friend Anne completed the painting she was comissioned to do for Devilles (which is an epic night out venue in Perth) and its commencement of display is imminent (ie this week!). So I demand, loyal and unloyal readers, that you all head STRAIGHT down to Devilles (your local epic night out venue) and check out the amazing artwork of the amazing girl that is Anne! YAY!

Good day.