Let me take you all on a little trip down memory lane… And the reasons why today I feel I may infact be a gay man trapped inside a woman’s body…

I was about seven years old when I caught my first glimpse into the world of Drag Queens – in the form of the classic tale of three queens crossing Australia: Pricilla, Queen of the Desert. The costumes, the music and of course, the outrageous personalities – I wanted to be Felicia Jollygoodfellow!


There was one small issue in fulfilling my dream of being a fabulous drag queen: I was a girl. (And just for the record, still am, and do not intend on changing such things! :P)

I was brought up on a steady musical diet of Cher, ABBA and Madonna (oh… and AC/DC, Midnight Oil and Cold Chisel too… No wonder my musical tastes are so obscure!) and if you look back upon my childhood wardrobe: it was full of frills and ribbons! Is it really any surprise that dressing up and sequins remain my favourite things still today?

However, this ‘drag queen’ dream was not a passing phase of my single digit years – the fantasy of an extravagant life carried into my teen years, where I played Flute/Thisbe in Midsummer Nights Dream (so I played a man dressed as a woman) and then, in our own remake of classic fairy tales, I took on the leading role of Cinderfella, a trannie maid who finds love after meeting the gay prince at a ball thrown in his honour.

Of course, I have never entertained false hopes of being an actual Drag Queen – I know it’s a little ridiculous, without going all ‘Connie & Carla’ on you all. However, I still dream of one one day being a gay icon, reminiscent of Kylie Minogue and Cher: two women who, in my opinion, quite possibly have the most fabulous wardrobes of all time.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you found what I’ve written just now to be the biggest load of ridiculous bull you’ve ever read, but my family would be more than willing to confirm all of the above.

So watch out world! One day, because unfortunately I cannot be a drag queen, I hope to be so iconic that the queens of the next generation model their alter-egos on me and you will see drag-Georgia’s on stage all over the world! (YAY!)