In todays Western Australian newspaper (our lovely attempt at news) was an article, announcing the banning of wearing those old grey/white wigs by lawyers and judges in criminal proceedings.

The article can be found here: WA judges, lawyers to dump wigs.

For those of you who don’t know what they are, legal wigs usually look like this:
They are incredibly expensive and are apparently made of horse hair.

Now, as far as my understanding goes, these wigs aren’t the most comfortable part of a lawyer’s dresscode, and they can be itchy, but why the need to ‘ban’ them from being worn?

The article suggests that many lawyers LIKE wearing the wigs. Many cite tradition as their reasoning, however there are others. So again, why ban the wigs?

The banning of the wig in courts doesn’t come as a huge surprise, they are already banned in civil trials in WA. What baffles me is this word ‘ban’. Why BAN something many people seem to like? Why not just make it optional? It seems all a little bit extremist in my opinion – if you don’t want to wear the wigs, don’t wear it. This man who banned them is clearly no fun and doesn’t like costumes! Don’t ruin something for everyone else who likes them! That’s not fair at all! I was kind of excited about one day being able to wear a wig in court… There goes that dream…

I guess I’ll have to settle for badly photoshopping a wig onto a photo of myself…

Come on WA Chief Justice! Make wig wearing ATLEAST optional, you’re taking half the fun out of being a lawyer!

p.s. i AM wearing clothes in that photo, it’s a strapless dress – wore it to law ball, only one i have of my head at the correct angle for the wig… see? YOU CAN SEE MY DRESS!