I saw Britney Spears in Perth on Friday the 6th of November, in Perth. I’ve wanted to see her in concert since I was a little girl of single digits. It was mind-blowingly awesome, I only wish I were taller and hadn’t had my view blocked by some tall girl who decided to rudely make herself taller with a pair of high heels. (In a mosh pit/standing crowd, please show a little respect and don’t make yourself unnecessarily taller. No one appreciates it.)

But how awesome I found the concert is not the main point of this blog.

Turns out fans allegedly left the concert (the one I was at), ‘outraged that Britney Spears was lipsyncing’… Well, a) that explains why it got easier to move forward toward the stage as the night went ont and b) UM EXCUSE ME RETARDS OF PERTH, HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW BRITNEY SPEARS LIPSYNCS? It’s been common knowledge only since the beginning of Britney Spears time!

(You can read all about this so-called ‘outrage’ here and here.)

So exactly why these people would spend $200+ dollars on a Britney Spears ticket, “claiming to be her biggest fans” and NOT know about Britney being a mimer is beyond me. I’ve known it almost as long as she’s been touring! And so many singers lip sync – it’s perfectly normal, especially if they’re dancers as well. As long as you’re not lied to. (Anyways, apparently she didn’t mime the whole thing, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.)

These fans “left after three songs” complaining she didn’t interact with the audience. Fair call, she didn’t do ALOT of talking (although she did do SOME – she said hello to us and told us we had a pretty country and other things), but have you honestly ever been to a concert where the band strikes up a conversation in the first 2-3 songs? It’s completely normal for them to wait til atleast the end of song two before saying g’day. And even then, not everyone feels the need to talk to the crowd.
Sit down, shut up and enjoy it for what it’s worth. (Which was an amazing show that involved Britney and a bunch of circus freaks. Hoorah!)

I’m not condoning lip syncing, nor do I feel Britney did near enough crowd-interacting (I wish she’d done more too), but I think we all need to lighten up a little and get over it. It was still an epic performance, with awesome special effects and an awesome collaboration of dancers and circus acts! There were no lies to anyone who’s actually old enough to understand what lip syncing is… and the little little people should have the illusion kept up for a few more years anyways. (That’s half the fun of being a kid.)

So to the overreacting tools of Perth (and the world)…