My cat, Billy, has been missing since November 2009. We have looked everywhere and are looking for anyone who may be able to give us ANY information. (Good or bad, preferably good though please). We love and miss him so much.


How to tell if you have found our Billy:
– He is a brown/caramel and black striped tabby cat, with a caramel coloured stomach and the tip of his tail is black.
– He wears a red collar with a blue tag on it – although he has been known to remove it.
– He has a microchip between his shoulder blades that a vet is able to scan if he is collar-less, that will tell you if he is ours.
– He responds to Billy, the sound of clanging spoons and the rattle of dried biscuits.
– He is quite solidly build, although has a very wobbly tummy.
– He has a very soft, almost kitten-like meow, big green eyes and a black/pink nose.

He is likely to be in the western suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. Around the Stirling Highway area.

IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION PLEASE EMAIL ME: armedbohemian [at] hotmail [dot] com (you’ll have to fill in the @ and . as I don’t want any autospam!)

His family want him home. Especially Butt and Semmi, his kitty family.