1. Caroline is in Ireland. This makes me sad. Very sad. How on earth am I to survive if everyone I know keeps GOING AWAY FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME? Selfish bitches. šŸ˜›

Well, I’ve found a solution: go on exchange yourself, doofus. Which is ‘sactly what I’ma trying to do. This blog may just become a travel-log of my exchangey-ness. If I am successful that is. Fingers crossed for me!

Having said that, I still hope Caroline will bring me home a hot Irish millionaire husband. I require one urgently.

2. RuPaul’s Drag Race is the single most glamorous, hot tranny mess, sparkle-licious thing every to hit our screens since Hugo Weaving donned that spectacular pink and orange thong dress in Pricilla, Queen of the Desert!

The amazing RuPaul in all her glory!

The premise of this amazing reality tv show is this: nine men who happen to enjoy dressing up like women (make that 8, one of them just looks like a little boy in his mum’s tutu! see: tragic) are put through various challenges such as creating their own drag-outfits from second hand clothing and cheap plasticy bits (see: Project Runway ripoff) and lipsyncing to camp-tastic classic in a truly drag-tastic way. (that’s fantastic-tastic!)

Anyways, at the end of each show the judges deliberate on who has done the best job at being drag-tastic that week and one of the contestants is asked to “sashay away” until we are at the final week.

In the first episode we lost PorkChop – a rather large queen you could only assume was from redneck country. But she was my favourite from the get-go and I was devo to see her be asked to sashay-away. I can only hope that they bring little (large) PorkChop back, as she was FABULOUS, DARLING!!!

So what exactly is the POINT of this amazing show you ask? To find America’s NEXT DRAG SUPERSTAR OF COURSE! (oh but it is only my greatest dream! – and i’m actually being honestly serious here!) I would die for such an opportunity! If only I had the wrong bits in order to dress up and pretend I had the bit I was blessed with! Maybe I could undergo a sexchange and then be a drag queen! NEW LIFE GOAL!

Most. Amazing. Telly. Show. Ever.

Now this show isn’t exactly new, it’s taken a whole 12 months to hit our shores and to that I ask the telly stations: WTF PEOPLE! WHY THE HELL WEREN’T WE GETTING THIS FANTABULOUS HOT TRANNY MESS OF A SHOW STREAMED LIVE FROM THE US OF A? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?!?!?!
I only hope the second seasons is not far behind because as we are already almost half way through the first here in little Aussie land, I can already tell I am going to be a little bit devo when it end. The one hour of glitz, glamour and drama is a real highlight in my week!

RuPaul, you’ve won my little drag-a-licious heart over and I hope you never leave! Shante, stay.