We are nearly at the end of the first season of Glee… We saw the pilot episode in the middle of last year, and it commenced towards the end of the year, going on hiatus in December before returning to us in April of this year. It has been the greatest thing I’ve seen on television in a very long time, yet I have never found the time to blog about the amazingness that is GLEE? Honestly! I must be insane!

I watched the pilot whilst babysitting back in June/July last year, and was instantly hooked. It only took 45 minutes of television for me to know several things: Sue Sylvester was to become my new hero, Kurt was going to be who I measured all my future fashion choices against (despite my being a girl) and I was really going to end up hating Will Shuester.
I’ve since watched that pilot episode, oh… a million times, and it never gets old. Nor do any of the other episodes I watch on repeat, which is all of them.

Today I downloaded the second last episode in the series (Australia is a week behind America, but I am too impatient to wait), and was thrilled yet disappointed for several reasons. There is only one more episode to go and yet there are still a million questions to be answered, how will they fit them all in?

I don’t wish to make too many speculations, but I do hope that if nothing else, the whole issue in regards to Finn’s living arrangements (was he allowed back into the Hummel’s house after he stood up for Kurt or what?) are cleared up. I do love any appearance by Burt Hummel, and this is no doubt the best excuse to bring him back one last time before the big break.

So anyways, with one last episode yet to air, I feel it is my duty to wrap up the best of what has been possibly the greatest show to come out of America in what seems like forever: (Seriously America, you give us so much shit tv, take note from Glee and other shows like Gossip Girl, Greek, Full House and 30 Rock: we don’t like your reality tv show crap, be gone with it!)

In the beginning: Hooray! We meet the people we are going to love (even if we hate them). Sue Sylvester and her Cheerio’s blow our minds with their insane cheer routines, and we hear the first of many iconic, politically incorrect lines to come out of Sue’s mouth: You think this is hard? Try being waterboarded, *that’s* hard! Sue, you are my hero. And the new Glee club are assembled by Mr Shu (who annoys me): the perfectly-irritating-leading-lady Rachel, the-super-closeted Kurt, the initially-slightly-creepy Tina, the loud-mouth-stereotypical-black-girl Mercedes and the weird-kid-in-the-wheechair Artie. Plus, the awkwardly-adorable-jock Finn is roped in to round of the six. (Five and a half if you ask Sue!)
Of course, little do we know (except we do know!), that the world of William McKinley High is about to be turned on its metaphorical head. Also they sing ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ which becomes an insta-classic all over again! It was all-round fantabulous and I was ready to give into my new found addiction.

So Glee was now upon us, we would see New Directions perform a shockingly grotesque rendition of Push It, to try and get more members.
We’d see both Terri and Quinn fall pregnant, except only Quinn’s was real and Terri plotted to get Quinn’s baby – which wasn’t Finn’s, it turned out.
We’d see Kurt come out of the closet to Mercedes and then his father, which was super cute.
We’d see Rachel try time and time again to climb metaphorically into Finn’s pants – only to be sabotaged by Quinn and Kurt. We’d be sad for Kurt, cos Finn would never love him.
We’d initially be worried by the appearance of Quinn, Santana, Brittany and Puck… only to be won over by them quite quickly (mostly cos Puck has a nice body).
We’d see Mr Shu try to start a boy band, but realise that he loved teaching and Glee more.
We’d become infactuated by Emma, mostly because of her OCD.
We’d be so proud of Kurt when he ‘auditioned for the role of kicker’ and helped the football team win, with a little help from Beyonce. (That was a favourite!)

HELL! We’d see lots of things! I’m not gonna list them all! What I will be doing is rewatching every episode and blogging a short piece on it. I hope this helps in getting us through the long-haul wait for the second season.

But for now, we await the season finale. Ryan Murphy, please don’t let us down!