Glee, I love you, I really do. I can’t express my love for you enough… And the finale was perfect. I could not fault it! (trust me, I tried)

But Glee, for all the love I have for you, why must you make me want really ridiculous things?

As it is, I am trying to give up my headwear obsession… I have banned myself from buying anymore, as I just have too many! And yet you make it so difficult:


I WANT A SAILORS HAT AND I WANT ONE NOW! I think that I would look particularly fabulous in one, much like Kurt does here. Oh Kurt, you may be a boy and I might be a girly girl, but your ladyfabulous style has undoubtedly inspired me! If I were a man, I would dress like you… Hell I’d wear alot of what you do as a lady! (Especially that see-through D&G raincoat – but I do believe that was you wearing womenswear, so you know…) Please be my personal stylist. 🙂 I know make overs are like crack to you!

I must begin the hunt for this fabulous new headpiece right now… Then we can be twins. 🙂