Dear Julia Gillard,

I had a dream! A dream that one day I would wake up, look in the mirror, smile, and be able to say “Hallo, first female Prime Minister of Australia.” and my reflection would smile back at me and I would be pleased.
Thank you so much for stealing my dream.

That was a sneaky sneaky trick you pulled there on Wednesday night/Thursday morning (don’t point fingers, Julia Gillard, I care not for who started it! Only that you finished it!) and it shocked the nation. Julia Gillard, I was late to work because I was glued to that television, watching you become top dog. I was initially pissed off… but then I was so proud of you because I never quite understood anything Kevin Rudd ever said, I often wondered if he spoke a language known to man or if he was from a far distant planet. You, however, Julia Gillard, speak the plainest of Englishes and my initial anger towards you and your coup was quickly subsided by my growing love for you and your frankness.

Of course, you are only caretaker Prime Minister, and it is yet to be seen if the people will vote you in officially, symbolically (as of course, we vote for individual candidates who make up party majorities) because we can only vote for you in our minds… Which we do. Don’t fight me on this, people of Australia, I know you consider the party leader when it comes time to decide your vote, regardless of who your local member is. (Mine is Julie Bishop!)

Now Julia Gillard, I know it seems small of me to be angry at you for stealing my dream, as shouldn’t the feminist in me be rejoicing that you, a lady, has come to hold what is one of the most powerful positions in AUstralia? Well yes, I am actually. You may have stolen my dream, but I am pleased it is you, despite also being a little upset you are a dream stealer.

You see, Julia Gillard, I am a well educated voter, a swing voter at that, and someone who has had a deep interest in politics since I was a small girl of nine years old (I was a key player in campaigning for a republic Australia to my class mates in primary school.) and I have always taken a keen interest in the happenings of our nation. Infact, I have gone on to major in Political Science at University and I was always baffled by Kevin Rudd. As an educated voter, I had no idea what he stood for or anything policy-wise… but you, you have only been in power MERE DAYS and already I have a grasp on what you hope to do for our fair nation. Julia Gillard, if the people throw their support behind you (as I will also be doing), I will be glad to call you my Prime Minister. (However, as you are still only a mere caretaker PM, you do not gain my full respect yet… that coup was a bit shifty, whoever is to blame!)

Julia Gillard, you have the potential to be an awesome Prime Minister, please don’t let me down. Julia Gillard, I am counting on you! BE AWESOME! Do not become vague like Kevin Rudd, or creepily buff like Tony Abbott, stay true to you and I will love you!

Also I am really super impressed that youfrom are Adelaide, I too am from Adelaide (RADELAIDE!) and it is an awesome place! 🙂

Love, Georgia
(also a future female PM of Australia, even though she now cannot be the first)

p.s. Ryan Seacrest, what kind of NORMAL eight year old boy plays on his mobile phone all day? BLANKET JACKSON IS NOT A NORMAL EIGHT YEAR OLD BOY! NORMAL EIGHT YEAR OLD BOYS DO NOT HAVE MOBILE PHONES! He is a VERY LUCKY eight year old boy in that he has a mobile phone. (Obviously in other aspects he has been quite unlucky, like losing his father, but that is irrelevant to my rant right now, as sad as MJ’s passing was.) RYAN SEACREST SERIOUSLY! I LOVE YOUR SHOW! (E! News is my guilty pleasure, I am addicted…) BUT YOU NEED TO GET BACK TO REALITY, BLANKET IS NOT A NORMAL EIGHT YEAR OLD BOY AND NEVER WILL BE! /endrant.