August 10: Day 1 in Los Angeles

So I flew in the airbus from Sydney to LA, and it was super amazing and you get extra leg room and the seats go back way further, but that’s the boring stuff. It was an interesting flight, I watched some movies and I slept and then I went to the toilet.

Things that are Awkward: going to the toilet on an airplane, tired as hell, only to sit down on the loo and realise you are looking at yourself in a full length mirror. Watching yourself pee awkward rating: 11 out of 10.

Anyways, after what seemed like a million years I finally got to our hostel to find Emily and it was so exciting and we were so excited so we put on our summer clothes and went wandering… and got sunburnt in 27 C heat. Lol at the Australians.

We wandered into Hollywood, looked at some of the stars on the sidewalk, realised we didn’t know many of the so called “celebrities” and before long we found ourselves outside Madame Tussards. Hallo wax figure fun. (See facebook for the crazy that was our trip to wax-land.) We met Obama, George Clooney, Madonna, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Marilyn Monroe and most importantly, my future husband Zac Efron!!! What a whirlwind!

Then we wandered through Kodak Theatre and decided to take the guided tour of the Chinese Theatre. The guide was a crazy lady from England, but she was super entertaining because you could tell she was the most excited out of anyone on the tour. She was freaking, ridiculously excited.

We did a bit more wandering… and I bought my first headband of the trip (I have since accumulated four more and a hat!), which I was thrilled about.

Before long, the jet lag began to set in and we had dinner at Kung Pao Kitty which was delicious, before heading back for some zzz’s.
Unfortunately, our roomies back at the hostel were wanks who refused to even acknowledge us when we said hi, they had dirty dishes and empty pizza boxes everywhere and despite my asking that they turn down the music a little bit because we were jetlagged, they stayed up all night and kept making the music louder. Awful first nights sleep.

More later!