Monday 16th August, 2010

First thing that morning Emily and I wandered over to the Union Street shops again. We like shopping way too much. 😛

From there, we headed for the Golden Gate Bridge, as we felt it necessary to make the trek (which, infact, isn’t really a trek at all) across one of the most famous bridges in the world. It was incredibly exciting to see it up close, considering it had often been covered in fog on the other days we had been able to see it off the coast of the San Fran bay area.

After the obligatory tourist photos, we started our walk across the bridge. The view was spectacular, and watching the fog roll down the moutains to sit over San Fran was spectacular – especially as the further the fog got from the mountains, the darker grey it became – which made me wonder about pollution in the city, considering its green efforts.

About half way along, Emily and I asked a nice lady to take a photograph of us on the bridge, with a view of the city behind us. She picked up on our accents quite quickly, and we ended up walking the rest of the way across the bridge with her. The lady’s name was Patty and she was training for a marathon-walk for charity, and was in town visiting her son, so decided to train on the bridge.

Patty was a lot of fun and it wasn’t long before we reached the end of the bridge. More obligatory tourist photos.

After a bit of a rest (as it is still a fair trek, just not as long as you expect it to be), the three of us decided to head back. Well, it turns out there was a man hanging off the side of the bridge (as it is one of the most popular sucide spots in the world, unfortunately) and the police had blocked off a large portion of the pedetrian access to the bridge, so we had to turn back shortly before we hit the half-way mark. (So in total, we technically walked the entire length of the bridge… just in a weird way.)

Stranded, and with Emily’s netball injured knee acting up, it was Patty to the rescue! She phoned her husband and son, who drove out to collect us and return us to the city side of the bridge.

They were all very sweet, and took us on a mini-tour of the city, which included a drive down Lombard St – the crookedest street in the world (well, a small section of it is) before returning us safely to the hostel for the evening.

That evening was spent in the hostel playing drinking games and card games with a new group of Australian’s and Brit’s that had shown up – two girls from Brisbane called Elise and Sophie, who were really cool, and a variety of boys from England, who entertained us until the wee hours of the morning, when I decided it was very much time for bed as I was passing out.