So, I’ve been pretty absent which has been a bit shit. I’ve been in bed/hospital/doctors with glandular fever/dehydration/inflamed liver and spleen, my glands were so swollen they were apparently the biggest any doctor in this town has seen and Brittney likened me to Frankenstein, then bought me a giant Frankenstein Halloween sticker for my wall because Halloween is soon.

I’ve had to cancel my weekend trip to Vegas (the others should have arrived by now), which is unfortunate but Vegas is probably the worst place for my little liver right now – and I’d rather it didn’t burst. I can go in a few weeks time when little liver is tough and strong and willing to handle a metre of margarita! (Yes you can buy that kinda shit in Vegas!)

But let’s not make me sad and disappointed talking about what I’m missing out on this weekend, and skip back to before the hell that was my stint with glandular fever:

Homecoming week was the final week of September. It’s a pretty big deal, they have the king and queen and the big (American) football game and it’s all about Lobo red and silver! (The school mascot and colours.) This years theme was Lobo Fever, think 1970s disco. It was pretty vibrant around campus. A girl from my food history class was elected Homecoming Queen, she looked so pretty. I wished I could be Homecoming Queen, but alas not being a real student means you miss cut off dates because you weren’t even in the country at the time… also no one here knows who I am. 😛 And Zoe is pretty cool, so I was happy for her.

The Homecoming (American) Football Game was like every other UNM (American) football game: our team kinda sucks, but that doesn’t stop the supporters coming out in their red and silver in the masses! There is alot of team spirit going around – it’s infectious! Personally I only like going to the football matches to watch the cheerleaders, as I dream of one day to becoming just like them: awesome with added pom pom. I don’t know why some people are anti-cheerleader, they are SO freaking cool in their little outfits and perky ponytails. I can apparently take a class on how to be a cheerleader – I think I will. I can be cute and perky and spirited.

On the Sunday morning (ie the next day), we got up at some hellish hour and dragged ourselves in the unbelievably freezing cold weather down to the Balloon Fiesta. It was totally worth it once we were there. The hot air balloons were maginficent, there had to be hundreds up there, making the sky look all pretty. (Photos on my Facebook account) I was completely in awe, although baffled by why they had to start the thing at like 5:45am (it finishes at like 8am too). Ridiculous but beautiful. I especially liked the different crazy shaped balloons.

I’ve been sick since. I wanted to blame the balloon fiesta initially, until I found out what I had – and it didn’t really work.

On the Wednesday I felt a little better (and was hoping to be on the mend – what false hope!), and we went to the Pep Rally, where the (American) football team burns a giant papermache Aggie (the Aggie is the cowboy mascot of rival university New Mexico State University). The cheerleaders were there. I was excited.

Then for the next four days I was bedridden, and this period included my lovely stint in hospital with severe dehydration.

Monday, however, I perked up again and was hoping this hell was FINALLY over. We had Canadian Thanksgiving in the evening. Nick, Hugo (who didn’t show cos he had food poisoning or something) and Janeen are all from Canada, and it was their Thanksgiving day, so they used my kitchen to cook up the most amazing feast and we had a mish-mash of Americans and foreigners celebrate with a turkey and mash tato and pumpkin pie and sweet potatos with marshmallows melted ontop which I found totally repulsive but everyone else seemed to like – apparently it’s traditional. I think it’s a tradition that needs to be buried and never spoken of again. Foul.

Then my lovely illness came flooding straight back, I ended up back on the drip with dehydration, and found out my liver is inflamed. I’ve been loaded up with drugs and it’s all getting a little better day by day, but my doctor says I need to remember to eat more regularly (glange makes you feel gross so you don’t eat) and I’ll be healthy in no time! Fingers crossed! Halloween is only two weeks away!

Miss ya!