So today I woke up able to breathe again (I’ve had a blocked nose and nasty cough for weeks, I’ve still got it but it’s actually finally getting better!) and turned on my computer to find an email fro my dad AND a Facebook message from my sister, both informing me that OUR CAT BILLY HAS RETURNED TO US!

He went missing almost exactly a year ago, and it turns out he’s been living one street down, opposite our old house! I’m not surprised really, I had a sneaky feeling he was hanging out there… And hoped he was, cos I knew he’d be well loked after. He’s apparently come home fatter, and very happy to see the family. OH I CAN’T WAIT TO GET HOME IN JANUARY AND SEE MY BILLY CAT!

Absolutely thrilled by the news, I spent the morning bouncing off the walls, so excited. Hooray Billy!