So we’re into our third “snow day” here in Albuquerque and it is driving me insane… Seriously, I just want to go outside and DO SOMETHING instead of sitting inside, with the worlds worst television channels that just keep repeating the cheap version of Fashion Police SAG Awards (not even the E! one!) and making me want to punch a wall in!

For most of the past three days the temperature has sat well below -20C and the wind outside just makes that awful cold feel that much more bitter. We’ve basically just been stuck inside, cramped and living ontop of eachother with little to do and almost no where to go… Unless we want to be turned into icicles.

Don’t get me wrong though, there have certainly been efforts to cheer the mood that has been so dampened by the weather outside… Camille invited Maja, Nick and I (among others) to a crepes and tea afternoon at her house on Tuesday, which was fun although full of smoke as almost everyone was French and they all smoked inside which did nothing for my already awful respitory problems. I ignored it well enough, although when I went to bed that night it all crept up on me and I coughed violently for ages. It was worth it though, the crepes were delicious and the tea warmed our bones that had been frozen stiff in the two block walk (yes thats how bitter it was outside) to Camille’s apartment.

On Wednesday Chris, Tania and I drove up one of the smaller mountains that sit on the edge of Albuquerque to rescue the llama (Lupe) at Chris’ work. We were surprised to find it was actually WARMER ontop of the mountain and frolicked in the snow after forcing (yes forcing, that llama was not a happy llama and had to be dragged) Lupe into the barn to ensure he didn’t freeze to death. It was fun, albiet brief, and I was able to make my first ever snow angel!
Afterwards, we tried snuggling by the fire and watching films, which was successful… until the film decided it didn’t want to play for us anymore and cut out abruptedly, leaving us irritated and curious as to what happened to Julia Roberts’ character at the end of Eat Pray Love (a film I had no desire to see until the snow storm hit).

Today was fractionally warmer and due to a ride from Chris I was able to get to work without risking frostbite. It was so nice to get out of the house and into the office, if only for two hours… Afterwards I made mum’s curry puffs for lunch before we drove around a bit, hitting up the drive through ATM’s for money (a novelty for an Australian like myself) and discovering UNM would be closed on Friday as well!

Although due to the fact that there isn’t alot of walking, and I am relying too heavily on those who have cars, I have an immeasurable amount of pent up energy and am dying to go for a run to work it all off… It’s far too cold outside though (Tania and I walked to the post office and we are pretty sure we were going the way of the mammoth in the ice age) and the gym at UNM is closed along with the rest of the university! Furthermore, I am finding myself eating FAR too much out of sheer boredom (seriously, there is not alot to do when everything is closed and you’re all a bunch of exchange students who are living on the bare basics) and fear for my waist line… I wish there was a decent bookstore or something within walking distance.

Oh oh oh! And I forgot to even mention: did you know there actually isn’t any snow on the ground outside (barre the mountains)? There was the first day… about an inch… but it evaporated because ABQ has a weird climate so it does that. Yes, that’s right people… there has been three snow days and yet NO ACTUAL SNOW TO SPEAK OF! I can’t even go out and play in it!

I can’t wait for this city to get up and start moving again… Fingers crossed the weather jumps above +1C tomorrow so I can atleast go for a walk (probably not a run though, not until it hits +10C next week)…

I always dreamed of a snow day… and here I am, I’ve had three in a row… I don’t much like snow days it turns out.

Snow snow go away, bring the sun so I can play…