After Vegas, I returned to Albuquerque for a few more days: one with mother, one alone and three with Chloe my sister whilst we packed up the last six months of my life. It cost me $50 to send everything home. Thanks, UPSP, for making me broke.

On the 19th of December we took the most retarded flights (via PHOENIX! which is in the complete opposite direction!) across the country to the capitol: Washington DC!

Due to the stupid flight path and the time difference, we left early in the morning only to arrive quite late in the afternoon.
Getting to the hostel wasn’t that easy, turned out the directions were a bit misleading and we ended up rather lost and had to hail a taxi.
The hostel is not one I’d recommend. Sure it’s well located, clean and everything else a hostel should be, but the old man who ran it was a creeper and very rude. The website said he organised drop-offs to the bus station and train station, and when we enquired he shouted: “I DON’T GET UP BEFORE ELEVEN AM” and we were like geez, we were just asking as it WAS on the website! He also told us about how he used to have sex in the hot springs in New Mexico (he noticed my UNM jumper) which was unwarrented and unwanted because he was old and creepy AND he commented on my boob size. Trust me, if I’d had the money we would’ve been out of there, in a cab, off to a hotel!
However, once we reached the room we were pleased to find that the door locked and that we were sharing with the sweetest girl from Korea named Julie who had also just arrived.
After dropping our bags, Chloe and I hit the streets to find some dinner and sort out the next few days. We hit up this small falafel joint which was serving some of the best and freshest falafel I have ever eaten in my entire life. Pure bliss before bed time.

20th December 2010:
Chloe, Julie and I hit the streets to see the sights and sounds of the US capitol. We saw the Washington Monument and White House on our way to the Smithsonian Museums, although made only brief stops as we planned to return to those later.
The museums were spectacular – the modern art collection and natural history museum were hands down my favourites, although the American history museum also desered a mention for housing both Kermit the Frog AND Dorothy’s ruby red slippers.
It was then lunch time and I had remembered reading the cookbook of a little burger place in DC, so it was decided quickly we would eat there and weren’t we glad we did! I had the most fabulous mushroom burger and Chloe and Julie were thrilled with their beef burgers.
It was outside the Science and Space museum, after lunch, that my phone rang, it was Emma! Chloe and I had NO idea we would be overlapping with Emma and her brother Luke in DC! I hadn’t expected to see Em until we hit New Orleans! It was incredibly exciting, and we visited the Space Museum together, catching up on nearly 6 months of very little communication! Chloe and Luke bonded over the fact that they were younger siblings having to travel with their older, bossy, sisters.
After that museum, Julie received a call from a friend of hers and left us to meet them. The rest of us decided we were starved and hit up a hole-in-the-wall boutique restaurant for pizza before parting ways.
Chloe and then headed for the bus stop to return to our hostel for the evening.
We had the most fabulous bus driver,, he was clearly a little crazy on the energy drink he was sculling and kept making humerous remarks and insisting that he should be the face of that energy drink. Chloe had her photo taken with him for our memory books.
We were pretty knackered after a big day and fell asleep pretty quickly that night.

21st December 2010:
Chloe and I had plans to meet Emma and Luke again, and headed off to the White House. It took FOREVER to find them as we were standing on one side of the White House and they were on the other. Whoops! But we admired the enormous white (well it is!) house that it was and the incredibly Christmas trees that were scattered adjacent to the Obama’s backyard.
We also ventured the rest of Capitol Hill visiting the archives where we saw the Declaration of Independence AND the Magna Carta (the latter I was incredibly impressed by), the Supreme Court and visited the giant, marble Mr Lincoln at sunset.
From there we did a little shopping (hooray!) before heading out to find dinner. Of course, we HAD to stumble across a Hooters which both Chloe and Luke insisted on eating at. It was fun, although loud, and the food was unexpectedly tasty.
We called it a night relatively early (although ended up being kept up by three drunken Koreans – not Julie – who were also staying in our room, one sat on my suitcase and snapped the wheel clean off!) as we had to get up at 5am to travel by bus to the Big Apple! Needless to say, we were excited!

Washington DC is an incredible city, although is it small. It really only does take 48 hours to see the major sites, as they are all located literally next door to one another, however if you wanted to venture further and visit the Pentagon, Georgetown and try and get a tour of the White House (which is really tricky), I’d suggest longer. All in all, Chloe and I had an absolute blast and couldn’t wait for the next stop in our little East Coast Adventure of America!