26th December 2010: Boxing Day
This was the day of the blizzard. The blizzard that my family didn’t realise was a blizzard. The blizzard that came up to our thighs and blanketed New York City in pure white frozen fluff. The blizzard that still hadn’t entirely melted away nearly two months later when I went back to NYC in late Feburary. Yup, THAT blizzard.
It started off fun, a smattering of white on the ground outside our apartment was exciting and the snow kept falling and we all thought it was so pretty!
We headed for the Natural History Museum that morning, which I was particularly excited about due to my love of natural history museums generally. It was fantastic, they had this amazing tree made entirely out of origami animals and dinosaurs and other things on display at the museum (such as astronauts, gems and trees) and there was a never ending maze of rooms with new things to discover! I was mostly interested in the animals, which we visited first. They had ALL my favourites, including a few VERY large mooses which were a little daunting.
We also made our obligitory visit to the cultures rooms (which my dad loved, especially all the native American stuff, he loves that) where there were some pretty neat headdresses from all over the world.
Yes, I loves me some dino bones!
Of course, we were also distracted by the falling snow outside, it was coming down quite hard and fast and what we were unaware of at that time was that THIS WAS THE BLIZZARD! Lord and we thought that was an actual storm that would take place later! We figured the early snow was just snow, lol so dumb.
We went to pick up our Promises, Promises tickets following that and then grabbed some late lunch at this little cafe before wandering over to the MoMA. It seemed this was Carmel’s favourite art gallery, as she spent the longest in there of any of us. There was heaps of Matisse, whom Carmel loves. Mind you, it was a pretty cool gallery filled with some pretty sweet art stuff.
Afterwards, we went out and posed in the snow, still completely spell bound by this magical substance that none of us had seen in such mass quantities before!
We headed home, still completely unaware that we were trekking through the middle of a BLIZZARD! Starving, we realised there was nothing in the cupboards and HAD to find somewhere to eat… But where? AROUND THE CORNER TO THE LITTLE MEXICAN JOINT! Which was essentially the best meal I had in NYC (no jokes). We did like 4 courses of magical, fresh Mexican flavours including some seriously good moles and the freshest tortillas and the yummiest corn dish I ever had (too bad I can’t remember its name).
The people at the restaurant couldn’t believe we Australians had headed out into the weather! We had figured we didn’t want to look like tragic dumb tourists and so braved the weather regardless… Little did we know that we looked like dumb tourists anyways, out in a bloody blizzard!
Full to our bellies, we braved the blizzard (STILL unaware it was a blizzard) all the way back to the apartment TWO BLOCKS down and ONE across. It took like 20mins when it would normally take 5.
Bet the blizzard was laughing at us!