1st January 2011:
We all woke up late after a late night on New Years Eve and were slow that morning getting ready. Chloe headed for Central Park on her own, dad decided to wander around the Meatpacking District and mum and I headed for the Guggenhiem Museum on the Upper East Side. It truly is a spectacular building, both inside and out. Franky L (Frank Lloyd Wright) did a wonderful job, the outside looks like a pipe-cleaner you’ve twisted around your finger, standing proud in it’s gleaming whiteness amongst millionaire’s penthouses. The inside is a sight to be seen – and unfortunately I didn’t get any photos inside due to camera restrictions. It’s like standing inside a stretched slinky and as you wind your way up the slinky art work is to your right and to your left you can look over the ledges to admire that giant slinky in all it’s glory.
The only down side to the Guggenhiem is that the elevator was broken and the mysterious art gallery at the basement could only be accessed by the 4th floor. We didn’t realise this and headed the ENTIRE WAY BACK DOWN around the slinky only to be told we had to go right back up again if we wanted to see that gallery.
It’s a bit dangerous, if you ask me, only having elevator access to the basement… what if there is a fire? Earthquake? The possibilities for being trapped down there are endless!
Unfortunately, the hidden gallery wasn’t entirely worth all the walking effort, as it only have 3 paintings in there and they were good but not great. Luckily the rest of the Guggenhiem collection more than made up for the hidden gallery of not much.
On our way back we spotted the window displays of a department store we hadn’t yet visited (the name eludes me). This was the one we should’ve sought out! The theme was food and there were endless caricatures of all our favourite foodies (from Thomas Keller to Nigella Lawson and everyone in between) surrounded by Christmas feasts and festivities! Many photos were taken.
We spent our last night together in NYC at a small restaurant in the Meatpacking district that dad had found. We had amazing dinners, but the dessert was the highlight: petit pot au chocolat was intensely rich and chocolatey and it was a good idea to share, although I must admit I was a little sad when I reached the bottom of the little cup of delicious.
We headed home to pack, knowing that if we wanted to do anything tomorrow we had to get up and get out early before our transportation out at 2pm.

2nd Jan 2011:
Our last day in NYC!
We mostly spent this day wandering and exploring anything we hadn’t yet explored (except Queens, which I am definitely heading back to see). It wasn’t much time, although we did get to see the Meatpacking district during the day (its very trendy) and we made time for ONE last stop at Chelsea Market (our favourite!) before heading back to 18th Ave to collect our bags.
Mum and dad dropped me and Chloe (with the help of a taxi) in Chinatown for our bus before heading to the airport.
We walked up to the counter to get our Chinatown Bus tickets to Boston and were presented with little scraps of paper with stamps and scribbles on them. Apparently this would get us on the next bus to Boston! So why, then, did all the other passengers have nice, printed, professional looking tickets? Who knew? They worked though!
After standing on the side of the road in the rain (yes, the buses just pull up and yo jump on) we boarded successfully (Chinatown Bus: superior to SHITTY GREYHOUND) and headed off into the dark (it was about 4pm).
The bus made a “dinner stop” at Arbies – where Chloe and I picked up some curly fries – before pulling up in Boston at about 9pm. (We slept most of the ride.)
Chloe and I took the train to our hostel and collapsed on our beds. WE WERE GOING TO SEE BRITTNEY THE NEXT DAY! HOORAY!