2nd Jan 2011:
Chloe and Georgia arrive quite late at night, after a four hour bus trip north of NYC. We were tired and hungry, so after checking in we headed out for a quick slice of pizza before bed.

3rd Jan 2011:
BOSTON WAS SO COLD! Much colder than NYC could’ve even tried to be. The wind was bitter, but we were meeting Brittney so we had to head out!
We met her at the park in the heart of Boston. I was so thrilled to be reunited with my best American friend and Chloe was excited to meet “Georgia’s American friend”. We braved the cold for a historical tour of Boston, which chronicled the story of America and how Boston fits into that. Many presidents lived and are buried in Boston, and there is so much history in such a small area! It was really worthwhile!
We then headed into Quincey Market for some delicious lunch to warm ourselves up before venturing into more history.
Afterwards, we wandered the city a little more before heading across the river where Harvard and MIT are. We wandered through the university setting, off to the science museum at MIT. That was cool and there was some Lady Gaga photos, which always make me happy. 🙂 They had all these fun interactive things that the students had made (like robots) and the only holographic exhibit in America or something like that.
After that closed for the evening, we went to the Prudential Tower and headed up the top for a tour. Part of it was closed for a private Harvard event, but it was nice to get a birdseye view of the city at night and generally be inside, away from the bitter chill.
We didn’t end up back in bed until quite late that night, unwilling to leave Brittney to head back to Maine.

4th Jan 2011:
Chloe and I headed for the Boston art museum, which was fantastic. They had an exibit on fashion photography, where we spent much of our time, as well as some cool modern Chinese art that hinted at ancient art forms while still remaining modern. We then went back to the park where we had been the previous day and visited the little ducks. We also saw a man walk across the frozen lake, which was surely a sight to be seen, especially by two girls who had never seen more than an inch of snow before in their lives! We weren’t tempted to try it ourselves, as we were still getting the hang of walking in the snow!
We left Boston late that afternoon, headed for Atlanta!