It’s my final night in Sydney and while I haven’t been very good at blogging here (Manly has awfully slow internet) – I have been blogging at through my internship.

I’ve learned a lot since week one, and I think the most important thing I’ve learned is that I can do anything.

I kinda already knew this, but successfully completing a month at a science magazine and publishing several successful stories proved that if I could write about science (my most worstest subject at school), I could write about anything!

Luckily, I didn’t have to learn much in the way of chemistry or physics, because I think I may have struggled there… But I did get a chance to indulge my love of weird animals and the crazy shit they get up to by writing endless articles (including one 1000+ word feature) on animal behaviour. I think it’s safe to say I m a right old expert at animals now and could pretty much become David Attenborough’s successor tomorrow…



I also conquered my fear of Macs (following a string of virus-infected Apple computers in my high school years) and almost (key word: almost) mastered Sydney public transport! I got myself places I didn’t even think were on the public transport radar!

I did a bit of learning at a travel magazine during this past week… Although, oddly enough, it made me miss writing about science… Whoda thunk it? I used to run for the hills the moment science was mentioned!

I did a little shopping – I bought like one top and a dress – but somehow my suitcase seems MUCH heavier than when I left Perth and I am going to struggle with it tomorrow morning. I wonderwhat scientists say about the mass of suitcases based on how they are packd? Either way, I suck at packing and not everything wants to fit as nicely as it did when I left Perth.

Speaking of my West Coast home, I missed Perth, mostly because Sydney rained almost every day I was here, whereas Perth has been wonderfully warm and sunny.

I’m going to leave it here for now, I have to be up in a few hours and I am le tired from a HUGE weekend! But you can check out my work at the Cosmos Magazine website and look out for me in the Feb/March issue of the magazine!

p.s. I also made heaps of awesome friends!