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So today I woke up able to breathe again (I’ve had a blocked nose and nasty cough for weeks, I’ve still got it but it’s actually finally getting better!) and turned on my computer to find an email fro my dad AND a Facebook message from my sister, both informing me that OUR CAT BILLY HAS RETURNED TO US!

He went missing almost exactly a year ago, and it turns out he’s been living one street down, opposite our old house! I’m not surprised really, I had a sneaky feeling he was hanging out there… And hoped he was, cos I knew he’d be well loked after. He’s apparently come home fatter, and very happy to see the family. OH I CAN’T WAIT TO GET HOME IN JANUARY AND SEE MY BILLY CAT!

Absolutely thrilled by the news, I spent the morning bouncing off the walls, so excited. Hooray Billy!


My cat, Billy, has been missing since November 2009. We have looked everywhere and are looking for anyone who may be able to give us ANY information. (Good or bad, preferably good though please). We love and miss him so much.


How to tell if you have found our Billy:
– He is a brown/caramel and black striped tabby cat, with a caramel coloured stomach and the tip of his tail is black.
– He wears a red collar with a blue tag on it – although he has been known to remove it.
– He has a microchip between his shoulder blades that a vet is able to scan if he is collar-less, that will tell you if he is ours.
– He responds to Billy, the sound of clanging spoons and the rattle of dried biscuits.
– He is quite solidly build, although has a very wobbly tummy.
– He has a very soft, almost kitten-like meow, big green eyes and a black/pink nose.

He is likely to be in the western suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. Around the Stirling Highway area.

IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION PLEASE EMAIL ME: armedbohemian [at] hotmail [dot] com (you’ll have to fill in the @ and . as I don’t want any autospam!)

His family want him home. Especially Butt and Semmi, his kitty family.

This is a little bit different to my usual posts, but it was too funny NOT to share!

Last night two of our cats, Billy and Ringo (aka Butt*) were asleep on the couch next to eachother and Butt kept trying to lick Billy.

Let it be known that Billy and Butt usually don’t get along very well, and for Butt to get as close as he did, before the licking started, was unusual enough. And very cute. And very funny.

We FINALLY managed to get it on film, and the result was posted by my sister on YouTube (so I apologise for her bad spelling in the captions).

So, without further ado:

Kitty Lickin’ Good (with commentary by myself, my sister Chloe and my friend Yuki):
(Butt is the black one, Billy is the brown tabby.)

If that didn’t work, you can catch the clip on YouTube right here.

Until later!

*Ringo was nicknamed Butt shortly after we got him because he had no fur on his behind (and looked like a baboon) and it kinda stuck.

There’s Something About Georgia…

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