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Tomorrow I have (hopefully) my final encounter with the world of Contract Law!

Between 2pm and 4.10pm Perth time on Tuesday, I will do battle with all that is evil and wrong in our world: that of the law of contract! *stereotypical horror film female protagonist scream of fear here*

Over this past semester, for three hours a week, I have endured contract law in all it’s unholiness, and before I enter into this (thankfully open book) final test of contractual skill and endurance, I would like to look back at my (very few and far between) fond memories of the devil’s law:

Georgia’s Top Ten Lessons (that aren’t really lessons but rather useless titbits of information) Learned In Contract Law:

1. I learnt that time was always of the essence, but that no one quite knows what that means.

2. I learnt that two hours classes are without a doubt the work of the devil and should undergo an exorcism as soon as humanly possible.

3. That lecturers are very good as being late enough for you to BELIEVE that they might have forgotten, but never fail to appear just as you move to pack up because you reckon they weren’t going to show. (They’re super sneaky like that – as I have so previously stated.)

4. Contract lecture classrooms are designed to be frosty cold so that you become frozen stiff in your seats. This is to ensure no one tries to make a hasty escape when they realise exactly what sort of torture they have signed on for. (I actually made my wardrobe choices based on whether or not I had contract law that day.)

5. Contract law used to be a first year unit, however due to an increased number of drop outs (can you blame them? If your first introductiont to the world of legality was contract law, you would too), they transferred it to second year, in an attempt to keep bums on seats.

6. That there are very special bits of paper that are so special that the lecturer will not tell you exactly how special they are. So you can only speculate as to the contents of these very special bits of paper. (Reminisce with me: I Am In Contract Law)

7. That there is such a thing as Total Failure Consideration (TFC) and it means you have totally failed to consider what you’re getting yourself into. I committed such an offence this year when I signed up for Contract Law.

8. That in the law of contract there is someone who likes to just make up ridiculous names for things that are really just there to look fancy. (Estoppel, for instance, is just a complex way of saying “I’d like to stop this contract please” and Quantum Meruit is just a ludicrous word for something that I still don’t understand! AND MERIT IS NOT SPELT WITH A ‘U’!)

9. That there is something called the Doctrine of Frustration and it comes into play when the contract becomes ‘frustrated’ – like pulling-your-hair out, super-stressed frustration. They probably named it so because it is the single most frustrating thing to learn about.

10. That I really don’t think I learnt anything of actual substance this semester and I never ever want to go into the law of contract.

Of course, this just confirms something I have known all along: my dad is quite obviously crazy. (He’s a contract lawyer.)

So please spare a thought tomorow, at 2pm, for all the poor souls sitting their Contract Law exams (especially maybe spare a few extra thoughts for me) and thank all that you believe to be Holy that you are not taking such a devilish unit.

I’ll see you on the other side.

The other day I went and took my pen (with a feather attached to it, quill style, from the Deathly Hallows release) from Angus, cos it was mine.

Today, I find the feather is gone from my pen.

Apparently it’s bad luck, and someone took it off my pen when I was at work! EXCUSE ME! I had to plot my movements carefully to obtain my pen that I left behind at my old job!

Not happy Jan.

In other news, I am currently writing my contract assignment.

This is what I think of my contract assignment:

figure 5: Georgia destroys paper in anger.

Seriously, do I really care? Contract is all about money, money, money, must be funny, in a rich man’s world. (Check my ABBA reference, schwing!) Yeah, get over it, there’s more to life than money, seriously. And also, isn’t trying to sue a charity morally wrong? Even if that charity breached a contract where they’d pay you for your work? Whatevs says I, whatevs.

I wanna paint my bedroom walls.

p.s. apparently I’ve been carrying around a sign that says “I’m quitting law.” and thus annoying people. Where’s the sign? I cannot find the sign? Seriously, contract law is bumming me out.

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