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Last night Tegan and I drove Big Donna (my blue Honda CRV) to North Beach, where Helen was house-sitting. We had dinner plans.

Of course, being Perth and being about 6:45, the traffic was bumper-to-bumper on West Coast Highway, so there was alot of sitting and waiting and being a little bit frustrated. It was as we approached the intersection just before the Rendez-Vous Hotel that we had an epiphany:

Australian’s do not date.

Now don’t get me wrong, not all Australian’s are lonely, single, miserable beings who sit and home and do nothing but watch bad American soaps. (That’s just me. Minus the miserable… and the lonely.) But what it seems is that American movies and American television and American books bring us up to believe that people ask other people out, they go on a few dates and at the end of the first they MIGHT be lucky enough to get a kiss.

Here’s how it works in dear little Australia: we go out, get drunk, hook up… and at the end of the night you MIGHT swap phone numbers and the next morning you either a) regret your actions or b) begin a relationship. That’s basically, in a nutshell, how it seems to go. There are a few variations on this theme, but this is the general jist of things.

I can’t actually think of anyone I know who has been asked, by someone, out on a date, having not previously hooked up with them in some manner. And nor can anyone else, it seems. There’s none of this “go ask that waitress out!” like you see chick-flicks… It seems the only way to get yourself a relationship in this most isolated island-nation is to get drunk and shove your tongue down their throat. Which makes everything that the entertainment-media tell us a complete load of bull! Why do self-help relationship books sell so well when the answer is crystal clear: you WILL NOT be asked out on a date, without having previously hooked up with them, in Australia. Atleast in mine, and my friends, experience.

I’m not trying to be cynical, or bitter, or bitchy – I’m not even trying to advocate FOR this American movie dating thing. I’m just stating the facts as they appear.

Of course, I’d absolutely LOVE someone to prove me wrong. I want to hear that someone, anyone, got asked out WITHOUT a previous hook up behind them. I want to hear that their first kiss was at the end of the first date… or even second! As it all seems like such a myth to me.

All this actually came off the back of mine and Tegan’s discussion about America – as I am off on exchange there later this year. If this ‘dating culture’ really does exist there, I’m not going to have any idea how to act… Dating just doesn’t seem to happen in Australia.


Yeah, I got a new blog server/whatever. This is far hipper and cooler and grassier than BlogSpot. So what I’ll do, is transfer all my old posts, with their original post-dates at the top of each blog. This is so you don’t miss out on a single second of awesome Georgianess! (because, frankly, who wants to live their life without me in it?)

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