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5th January 2011: ATLANTA!
Chloe and I arrive SUPERBLY late into Atlanta (so early it’s the next day!) and catch a cab out to our hostel. We get to bed ridiculously late, tired from our airplane flight. The room is freezing cold and we can’t work out why. We both freeze.
Next morning we are moved into a different, much warmer room.
We then head out to see Atlanta! We catch the MARTA (train) to downtown and head off to find the Magical World of Coca-Cola AND the biggest Aquarium in North America: Georgia Aquarium.
EVERYTHING has my name on it! It’s all very exciting!
The aquarium is spectacular, the floor-to-wall glass that we can watch all the different aquatic animals through. We spent quite a while in there, especially watching the otters and the beluga whales!
Afterwards, we headed for the Coca-Cola factory tour, which was convienently located RIGHT NEXT DOOR! Insane! The building is essentially a giant coke bottle, you know, just in the middle of Atlanta.
We went on a semi-guided tour, before exploring the centre on our own. The coke factory tour is essentially a LOOK AT HOW GREAT WE ARE show off kinda place, but it’s also pretty fun and hey it’s coke, it’s an icon.
In the final room, before you exit, there are over SIXTY different flavours of soft drink to taste. HOORAY! We had mouthfuls of each, and let me tell you, I was dry heaving at the taste of some of them. We both felt sufficiently sick at the end of it all, but didn’t forget to take our complimentary coke with us on our way out! Chloe loved that, she’s a bit of a soft-drink-aholic.
Afterwards, despite the drizzly weather, Chloe and I spent some time exploring downtown Atlanta, checking out all the shit with my name on it and buying souvenirs with my name on it.
We headed back to the hostel and asked where we should go for some good down-home Southern style cooking for dinner. We were told that there was a magical little place across the road called Mary Mac’s.
Indeed, it was magic! Chloe had the fried chicken with mac & cheese (ok they were magical BESIDES the foul mac & cheese), coleslaw and mash potato.
I had tomato pie, gross mac & cheese and coleslaw. Tomato pie is this magical Southern food that I’d never heard of before. DELISH!
The waiter also brought out lots of little tastings for us, as we were new to the South and that’s how they roll down there. Hence why it is called “Southern hospitality”.

6th January 2011
On our second day in Atlanta, we headed out for the capitol. This was a chance for us to learn ALL about Georgia’s history. Did you know Jimmy Carter was from Georgia? It was also an excuse for me to take HEAPS of photos of my name. 🙂 It was even on the elevators! BEST!
From there we took the train out into the sticks, where the Martin Luther King Jr. home and museum were located. It was a fantastic tour and I highly recommended it, but it’s in a pretty dodgy end of town so don’t go strolling through there on your own! The curators of the museum had put alot of thought and effort into the displays, and we got a guided tour plus a cool movie that taught us about African American rights.
Dinner was at this cool little Cuban cafe. Chloe loves jerk chicken!

7th Jan 2011
Up a little later than we needed to be, Chloe and I RACED down to the bus station to catch a bus out to Athens, Georgia where the UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA is located.
The university is HUGE and took us several hours to tour across. I was in heaven. Here was a SHRINE to me, full of stuff about me. I knew that if I was American, this would have been where I went to university! It was PERFECT! It was huge and full of American school spirit and the most awesome football stadium and A WHOLE STORE FULL OF AWESOME GEAR WITH MY NAME EMBLAZONED ACROSS THE FRONT! Not to mention the fact that EVERYONE around the uni and it’s town were sporting gear with my name on it! HOORAY EVERYONE LOVED ME HERE!
After our tour across campus (which was a nice work out), we headed into the merch store to select my new wardrobe. I now have a Georgia hoodie, Georgia tshirts and a pair of Georgia shorts. HELLA YEAH I am all about me!
We caught the bus back to Atlanta and had dinner once more at Mary Mac’s, where Chloe decided she HAD to have their cookbook as she knew she’d miss the Southern food when she got back to Perth. Early night, as we had a stupidly early flight out!

I don’t know? Who am I? Tell me please! SOMEONE! BEFORE I FORGET ALL TOGETHER!

For more information you can find my weekly news articles at 3rd Degree, ECU’s student publication that I will be writing for this semester. I already have four articles up. You can also blame it for why I haven’t been updating this blog much. Sorry Aunty Kerry (my sole reader).


hello my adoring fans!

How is? I have been a busy been and have been back in Albuquerque no more than two weeks since I trekked across the great old USA! Since then I have been interning for a government department and have had little time to update.

Since we last spoke I have:

– Been to Las Vegas with mother and let hell run loose on the Strip.
– Done 2 university exams and become a college graduate
– Visited the Capitol: DC
– Spent a freezing, blizzard-filled Christmas in NYC
– Been frozen into an icypole in Boston
– Tasted 60 different flavours of soft drink at the Coca Cola factory in Atlanta
– Visited the shrine to education and myself: The University of Georgia
– Had a blast getting drunk and listening to jazz in New Orleans
– Interned for two weeks successfully at my little government internship

Yeah, I’ve been a busy little bee and unfortunately have not had time to update until now! However, fear not my little readers, I will be filling yo in on everything that has happened over the coming weeks as well as letting you all in on my fabulous return to Albuquerque which was quite warm and made me very happy until it started snowing less than half an hour ago!

So expect lots of love and updates in the coming days, everyone!


I have been waiting for this day since I was pre-tween! Can you believe it? So excite!

In my excitement, I have created the following masterpiece, of all the people in my life who are super psyched about Britney’s visit to Australia! (to be added to)


Going on big adventures like the one I just took across ye olde land of Europe, I was no doubt going to learn many life lessons. I am now going to share with you some of my new found Europeany-wisdom, so maybe you might become just as wise as I. Yeah, you heard it here first. Georgia = wise. So whatevs in ya face.

1. James is a far more skills tracker than previously believed.
As you can see, depicted in the above photo, James (and his nomadic nomad vampire buddies) has snuck himself into my photo of the statue of Sidney Herbert. How insulting James! I was on holidays! Quite obviously, I am not in the mood for you to interrupt my baseball game in order to suck the humans blood, alright? You and me, in a room of mirrors, now, capice? Yeah, you better not stick yourself to the side of a bus ever again. (Man, I am so not very funny.)

2. Picking your nose has been taken to a whole new level in London:
As you can see, by the nose stuck on the side of this gate wall thing that the Queen sometimes drives though, picking noses is a Londonish past time, and it should be taken quite seriously… Really though, why is there a nose stuck to the side of the wall? And more importantly, has it ever been caught eating its own boogies? Has the Queen herself ever picked the nose? Do tourists often go by the nose and attempt to pick it? Is it punishable by law to pick the nose? All these crucial questions to my existence, I MUST HAVE ANSWERS!!!

3. You can find comfort in the strangest places.
This bathroom in Willi’s Wine Bar, Paris, happens to be an almost exact – albiet, dirtier – replica of my bathroom back home. There was one major error: the poster in Willi’s bathroom is actually in my kitchen, but close enough. I really took to this bathroom, I went like four times. I think I started to creep out the bar staff a bit when I wandered in there with my camera… I’d like to say my mother has fantastic, Parisien taste, but I happen to know for a fact that she visited Willi’s Wine Bar just over a year ago and probably stole the idea then… How sick. Lol.

4. This particular little delicacy promises a religious experience, when eaten.
Apparently it’s very similar to having one of those epiphanical moments when you realise you’re supposed to dedicate your life to some truly selfless cause, like Tim Gunn showing ugly people how to dress better or Hugh Hefner sleeping with hot chicks to give hope to all guys out there, that it doesn’t matter if you’re a wrinkly old perv, there is a blonde out there dumb enough who WILL sleep with you… provided you have the moolah to pay for her every dumb blonde whim.
(and no, I’m not playing dumb tourist, that ACTUALLY translates to religious chocolate! so there!)

This is only four of many highly important life lessons that I lifely learnt upon my magical travels. However, I am super duper absolutely and utterly tired and I have to get up early tomorrow to do important things with important people.

Stay tuned for lessons in how to scare the life out of Matt, hula hooping laws in Barcelona, Parisian breasts, bears with sixpacks, how to sponser an underprivileged stone, what not to carve into stone, where to find the best pasta in Florence, how not to get sex in Paris, and finally: being hygenic, the Italian way.

So, excuse me whilst I catch some zzz’s.


Ok, so because people whom I shall not name (Mitchell and Kevin) keep whinging about my Twilight related posts, I have started a separate Twi-blog. You should link all your Twi-loving friends to it.

You can find it on the left sidebar, but just incase you’re super lazy, you can click right HERE! <— THERE!

It’s called Running with the Vampires and it’s where I’ll tear apart and analyse the shit out of anything and everything to do with Twilight. I’ll also post my favourite Twicons at random intervals and keep you up to speed on some of the Twi-happenings of the Twi-world. And just to keep you on your toes, I’ll drop a few random things in there for good measure. Maybe some Harry Potter things. Cos he will always be my first and truest literary character love.


My cousin Katie, who is pretty cool and lives in Adelaide, turned 21 the other day.

I didn’t actually get to go to her party, because I am in Perth and she is in Adelaide. As I previously stated.

So let’s do the time warp again, so I can attend the party!

*goes back in time*


Ok! I’m back! And I took some pretty epic photos.

Check them out:

Me and Uncle Phil and Aunty Kerry at the beginning of the night. As you can see, we’re pretty hot, especially them, considering how old they are.

Katie is not really that interested in her drink, she is too busy checking me out in my incredibly hot blue dress.

Here is me with some people I don’t know. Notice how smug I look because no one seems to have noticed my outfit change.

Here is me, after yet another outfit change, having a laugh with the oldies. Why are there always so many oldies at 21sts? Lol.

Here’s me with some of my cousins, and some strangers. As you can see, the reason I’ve had to do so many outfit changes is because Meg stole my first dress! Watch me shake my fist at you, Meg!

Finally, after one last dress change and a bit of insta-tan-in-a-can, I put on my best party hat and made a speech about my favourite and best cousin.

Happy Birthday Katie!

The End.

This blog is dedicated to Jo, who is leaving me on Wednesday. What a bitch. Seriously, how selfish, leaving me all alone here to fend for myself! WHAT KIND OF A FRIEND IS THAT! 😛

In other news, I will be extreamly sad, sadder than any of the rest of you lot so whatevs to your face.

So here we go, Jo. (Yes I can rhyme, bitch.) This is for you, because you are my best and favourite and twin and all those other awesome things.

First of all, let’s talk about things Jo likes:

Britney Spears, who likes to ask ‘Do you want a piece of meat?’. To which I say, ‘Yes Britney Spears, I would infact like a piece of meat.’

Katy Perry, who, infact did not kiss a girl, thus she is not able to comment on whether or not she liked it and if infact, the chapstick was cherry flavoured. These facts will be upheld in a court of law.

Speaking of law, Jo does law, I’m still unsure as to whether or not she likes it, but for now, let us put the LAW on Jo’s list of likable things. Of course, if all else fails, we can just pretend that by the LAW, I infact meant to say GEORGIA LAW, which of course Jo is a huge fan of.

Miley Cyrus. Well not really, but just to make it very clear, Jo, I’ve got my eyes set on you and I’m ready to aim. And I’m just being Miley.

Chutney Marys. Indian food makes us bloated.

Supermarkets. The all important destination for instant food goods! And discovering new vegetables. And realising that a red onion is not a red capsicum when you cut it open.

Cheezels. Because you can stick them on your fingers and eat them whilst still successfully changing gears… sort of.

Road maps. They’re useful for not driving around Mandurah in circles in the middle of the night.

Shoes. All shoes are Jo’s, bitch!

Television babies. They’re cuter in the box.

Old people having sex. Especially Jack Nicolson and Diane Keaton.

Alcohol. But alcohol doesn’t like Jo. Especially at the airport.

The Court. It’s full of drag queens and really trashy, cheesy pop music.

Coffee, especially when Jason makes it. Apparently he makes great coffee. Apparently, because I don’t like coffee.

And most importantly, me. Jo loves me. But why wouldn’t she?

And that’s it. Jo, how about you just call the whole trip off and stay here instead? It’s better that way.


British history is an interesting one, especially when taught by the monotone man, who is actually one of my favourite lecturers – no sarcasm at all.

Shout outs very quickly to my first two comments and also to Sam (who is sitting next to me) and Julia – who are both aging by a WHOLE year tomorow! (Twenty and eighteen respectively.)

Now, where were we? Ah yes, British history, the first world war to be exact. Not my favourite war – that’s the Russo-Japanese war of the early 1900s – but still a great war in itself.

Speaking of war – excuse me America, whatchu doing trying to boss Russia around? Sure they invaded Georgia (my sister in spirit, seeing as we came to exist almost at the same time) but hello! America! Who haven’t you gone to war against? Seriously. Get out of Iraq and then MAYBE Russia will listen to you. They don’t like hypocrites, even if they are hypocrites themselves. (As all countries are.)

Yeah, that’s all I’ve really got to say on that topic, besides: “GO GEORGIA!”, seeing as I must support my kindred.

Speaking of which, apparently Georgia and Russia are playing eachother later today in the Olympics volleyball, thrilling stuff. Should be a very interesting match – maybe that battle will prove a huge decider in the winner of the war? Maybe not. Either way, I’m going to try and catch it on tv.

So, with my (unofficial) namesake and her old mother land at war, I find myself torn between my Socialist beliefs (such of which once tried to exist in Russia) and my sisterland, wondering who has the right intentions. Only so much can be reported in the news.

I shall continue to watch this conflict closely, as should you, and hopefully the outcome is one that makes me smile. GO GEORGIA! (No, really.)


p.s. please stop the fighting.

p.p.s. where in the world is kt?

Yeah, I got a new blog server/whatever. This is far hipper and cooler and grassier than BlogSpot. So what I’ll do, is transfer all my old posts, with their original post-dates at the top of each blog. This is so you don’t miss out on a single second of awesome Georgianess! (because, frankly, who wants to live their life without me in it?)

Going now.

There’s Something About Georgia…

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i enjoy bad pick up lines.

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